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The missing link in cold calling 2.0

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It's much easier to send an email than to call someone — that's why ‘cold calling 2.0’ is getting such hype. It sounds like it's too good to be true — and it is.

In software, everything evolves at an amazing pace. Programmers are often tempted to toss everything and start from scratch. But it has turned out again and again that when you do, you lose valuable knowledge.

The same thing is true in sales. We should never let the excitement behind a new trend make us toss all the experience we have gained in past. Humans are still humans, and basic sales mechanisms remain the same.


Introducing: Zapier Integrations

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Today myphoner was officially announced on

With the myphoner integration to Zapier, you can send leads a welcome email, trigger an onboarding process, send the lead data to shipping or invoicing and much more.


Cold Calling is hard enough

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If you make cold calls as a sales rep, you know what I mean - the dread, the procrastination, waiting until the last minute to call clients, forgetting to followup - it can be pretty discouraging.

Here’s the thing. If your lead management software isn’t helping you stay organized, motivated, and following up, you may be losing valuable sales. And sales are what you’re in business for.


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Get myphoner from just $11.67 €10 per user per month for everything. No hidden fees. No limits. Add or remove users at any time, and pay as you go.