Effortless lead routing without breaking the bank

Myphoner is the lead routing software that removes the hassle, offering an intuitive, budget-friendly solution for sales teams.

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Definitely recommend Myphoner to other startups, a great tool, easy to use, affordable, makes all the pain go away when it comes to cold calling and as a start-up, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.
Jacob Riff, Co-Founder — Monsido

Myphoner was integral to the growth of Monsido as it kept their SDR’s efficient, their motto being “doing a lot with less”.

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What we do

Lead routing software that just works

Boost sales with Myphoner's lead routing. Our software efficiently assigns leads to suitable sales reps or teams, based on criteria like location and product interest. It balances workloads and quickens response times, increasing efficiency and engagement.

Our system adapts to various sales needs, offering customizable lead routing. Managers can set up segments and assign agents accordingly, aligning leads with the right agents. This dynamic distribution, along with lead prioritization, heightens conversion chances.

Easy to use and simple but it still manages to offer an advanced toolkit for lead management. No need for heavy and overpriced lead management software anymore :)
Koen Van der WeijdenSales Manager, ProLinker

Myphoner's flexibility suits remote and diverse teams, ensuring effective lead management in any scenario.

Choose Myphoner for streamlined sales and higher success rates. Focus on selling, achieve more, and satisfy customers.

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Why Myphoner

Solutions that meet your unique needs

The campaign overview page for an agent in Myphoner

Hands off Lead Routing Solution for Small to Mid-Sized Sales Teams

Streamline lead management with Myphoner. Our easy-to-use lead routing system sets you up in minutes, ensuring team efficiency and satisfaction.

Designed for sales teams, Myphoner features dynamic lead distribution for balanced workloads. Customize reports to focus on key metrics, and track trends for better decisions. Role-based permissions give you the control you need.

Ideal for small to mid-sized teams, Myphoner strikes a balance between simplicity and advanced features. It grows with your team – from basic setups to click-to-call efficiency. Discover flexible, tailored capabilities for your business.

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    Maintain Complete Control Over Your Campaigns

    Myphoner isn't just about boosting agent performance; it also provides essential tools for managerial oversight. Gain full control of your outbound campaigns with our platform.

    Get crucial insights with our comprehensive reports. Track top performers, guide new hires, and align your team with organizational goals using customizable metrics and real-time comparison charts.

      Viewing a lead in Myphoner

      Focus on Sales, Not Software Complexity

      Myphoner's dynamic lead queue uses smart filters and prioritization to ensure agents connect with top leads. With advanced features behind a simple interface, your team can focus on sales conversations. Myphoner is ideal for those seeking powerful, straightforward lead management without the complexity of a full CRM or the limitations of a spreadsheet

        An email reply in Myphoner

        Streamlined Auto-Queueing and Prioritization

        Enhance lead prioritization with Myphoner Voice, combined with our Google or Microsoft email and SMS integrations. Experience real-time updates on lead interactions across phone, email, and SMS. Leads automatically advance in your queue based on these interactions for an efficient, automated process. This unique feature set, exclusive to our integrated solutions, provides unmatched optimization.

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          Effortless lead routing without breaking the bank

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          Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.
          How we do it

          Features and usage at a glance


          Dial through a list of leads with efficiency and ease. Use the Myphoner power dialer to call the next lead in your queue automatically with no delay.

          The Myphoner Power Dialer

          Create email templates to let your agents quickly send consistent, typo-free follow-up emails. Replies are auto-queued for follow-up.

          Email Templates in Myphoner

          Boost engagement with SMS—a channel that offers higher open rates and CTR—alongside other communication methods, all within Myphoner.

          Myphoner SMS

          Easily manage duplicate leads as you go or when you have imported your leads. Get a complete report and handle duplicates when it suits you.

          Lead Deduplication in Myphoner

          Myphoner lets you segment your leads by any attribute and distribute segments to your agents. It's super easy to set up and blazing fast.

          Lead Segmentation in Myphoner

          Streamline your workflow and sync your data by seamlessly integrating with virtually any other system through Zapier, Make, Integrately, or Zoho Flow.

          Myphoner Integrations

          Myphoner allows our business development team to reach out to many prospects in a short period of time. Helps the team be proactive in following up with prospects. We have looked at many cold calling systems and this one wins in almost every category. Our team loves it.

          Myphoner helped us increase our call conversion rates by 25% as we scaled our remote teams throughout MENA. We can now measure the performance of our outbound campaigns with much more ease and efficiency.

          I've been using Myphoner for several years now, been in sales about 10 years, and it is simply the best cold outreach tool I have ever used. I've tried about 30 other sales tools and this is one of the few that I keep coming back to.


          Frequently asked questions

          What is lead routing software?

          Lead routing software is a specialized tool designed to automate and manage the process of distributing or assigning leads (potential customers) to the most appropriate sales representatives or teams within an organization. This type of software plays a crucial role in streamlining sales processes, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of lead management. Key features and functions of lead routing software include:

          1. Automated Lead Assignment: The software automatically assigns leads to sales reps based on predefined criteria such as geographic location, lead source, industry, product interest, or customer size. This ensures that leads are handled by the team or individual best equipped to convert them into sales.

          2. Lead Scoring Integration: Many lead routing systems integrate lead scoring mechanisms, where leads are evaluated and ranked based on their likelihood to convert, ensuring that high-potential leads get priority attention.

          3. Customizable Routing Rules: The software allows for the customization of routing rules to fit the unique sales structure and strategies of different organizations.

          4. Balancing Sales Rep Workloads: It ensures an even distribution of leads among sales reps, avoiding scenarios where some reps are overloaded while others have fewer leads.

          5. Real-Time Lead Distribution: Leads are routed in real-time, which means immediate action can be taken, improving the chances of a successful sale.

          6. Tracking and Reporting: These tools often include tracking and analytics features to monitor the performance of leads and the effectiveness of the lead routing process.

          7. CRM Integration: Lead routing software frequently integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, ensuring a seamless flow of lead data across the sales pipeline.

          In summary, lead routing software is a critical component for businesses looking to optimize their sales processes, ensuring that leads are quickly and effectively handled by the most appropriate sales personnel. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales conversions and overall business growth.

          How does dynamic lead distribution work?

          At Myphoner, lead distribution is a sophisticated, integrated system designed to consistently present agents with the most suitable leads. This system is a combination of several features working in tandem to optimize lead availability.

          Our platform offers diverse methods for lead addition, including integrations, import options, and manual input. This flexibility in lead sourcing can help ensure a steady and varied influx of potential customers.

          Managers have the ability to fine-tune how leads are handled through our queue settings. These settings allow for a balance in prioritizing new incoming leads and those prospects that require follow-up, ensuring an efficient management of the sales pipeline.

          An innovative aspect of our system is the concept of lead claiming. This feature enables agents to work on the same pool of leads either automatically, based on preset rules, or manually, without the risk of overlapping or conflicting with one another.

          The culmination of these elements is the lead queue, which seamlessly integrates queue settings and claims. This results in a dynamic system that consistently provides the most relevant lead to each agent, in a distraction-free manner. This system ensures that agents are always working on the leads that are most likely to convert, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness.

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