Straightforward, affordable power dialer

Myphoner is a simple and budget-friendly cold calling solution that lets you close more deals for less.

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Myphoner provides complete transparency on how each agent is performing and how effective our campaigns are.
Eric Elming, Sales Manager — Skyepack


more efficient while maintaining the same quality.

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Increase performance and reduce noise

Myphoner is a unique sales tool for cold calling, combining a lightweight sales CRM with a superior lead queue and power-dialer into an easy, but efficient auto dialling app for sales teams.

Our solution consists of an online phone dialer with automatic dialling and easy scheduling of follow-ups, which help sales teams increase performance and reduce noise when conducting B2B sales calls.

With features like built-in call recording, accessible performance insights and activity reports as well as attractive rates around the globe, Myphoner is a natural choice for in-house product sales teams as well as agencies.

Power dialer pricing

The power dialer runs on our built in VoIP solution - Myphoner Voice.

Select a destination to view the rates.

Included in all paid plans

1 free number from US, UK, or Canada.
Additional phone numbers are subject to an additional charge.

Call recording baked right into the platform.

Voicemail drop saves you time and delivers a consistent pitch.

Intelligent retry strategies increase call rates significantly with auto-dispositioning.

Free 14-day trial on subscription.
Calls are prepaid and requires credit card or PayPal.

Start calling today! Pay for what you use, no binding and no extra call fees.


Freedom of choice

Prefer to use another means of calling? Myphoner Voice is optional, and you can bring your own provider instead.


Call recordings included

Record calls for free if you like. Depending on your plan, we retain call recordings for up to 90 days.


Worldwide coverage

Call from anywhere to everywhere. We cover the whole wide world with premium quality and service.


Local numbers

Get local numbers in 60+ countries. We help you signal trust and get more connected calls.


Cancel anytime

Just stop using Myphoner Voice if you don’t need it – no binding and no hidden fees.


Money back

Use any remaining credits when renewing your subscription or get a refund if you cancel it.

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94 reviews
Myphoner really adds value when it comes to making lots of calls in a short time. Power dialling is made much easier, and it even works better than the tools included in my CRM.
Jeroen Teiwes, Business Development
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How does the Myphoner power dialer work?

Our unique workflow is tailored to the top-of-the-funnel where multiple touchpoints are usually required before leads turn to prospects and customers.

The power dialler within Myphoner consists of a complete toolset which includes:

  • Auto-dial initiates the call to the next lead immediately when selecting disposition for the last.

  • Intelligent Retry Strategies boosts agent efficiency by automatically postponing & moving to the next lead on no answer or busy tone & archives invalid leads.

  • Voicemail Drop allows agents to quickly select a voicemail and move to the next lead immediately while it plays.

  • Inbound capabilities handle calls when a lead returns the call, whether that is playing a message, taking them through an IVR or connecting directly with your agents.

  • Live Monitoring let supervisors monitor, listen in on calls and whisper to agents while on-call. Training new agents and optimizing the performance of a remote team has never been easier.

Read the full feature list

The Myphoner Voice webphone is located at the bottom of the browser window

The Myphoner Voice webphone is located at the bottom of the browser window

Frequently asked questions

What is a power dialer?

A power dialer is an outbound telephone system that automatically initiates a call to the next sales lead when the sales agent is ready.

Power dialer software let the agents focus on the sales conversation, by removing manual work such as dialling or deciding which lead to call next.

Combined with a lead queue, a power dialer can drastically increase the productivity of your sales team. Myphoner provides this system. We give you a state-of-the-art lead queue with a power dialer on top.

How does a power dialer work?

The power dialer works by automatically starting to dial when the agent views the next lead.

A power dialer reduces processing time because the call is already active without the agent having to type or even click anything.

Further, the call ends automatically, and the next one starts automatically, as soon as the agent selects a disposition (outcome) of a phone call.

What are your rates? Can I save money?

Our rates are per minute, but we split the minutes down to seconds when we charge. This way, you are only charged a fraction if you only call for a few seconds. Most other vendors round up to the nearest minute when calculating the cost of each call. We do not. We only charge for the actual time the call took.

Talk to us, and let us help you estimate how much you can save by using the Myphoner power dialer.

Can I call destination X?

Yes. We cover the entire world. Certain numbers, such as overly expensive numbers, satellite connections etc. are blocked in our network.

I have agents in Country Y, will it work?

We have servers in North America, Europe, MENA, South Africa and Australia. Agents outside these regions may experience delays. Talk to us if you are having trouble.

What are the requirements to use the power dialer?

The Myphoner power dialer is an online phone dialer that runs in the browser. It is well-suited for working from home as well as from an office.

To use the power dialer, all you need is:

  • Computer with a browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox recommended)
  • Internet connection
  • Microphone and speakers or a headset

Our dialer is well suited for freelancers and teams up to 50 agents.

How to use a power dialer?

To use a power dialer efficiently, you must fulfil the requirements and understand the intended usage and workflow of the CRM system hosting the phone software.

When it comes to the Myphoner power dialer, all you need to get set up is a computer with an Internet browser, an Internet connection and a headset (or similar sound equipment).

We have several help articles readily available to get you started with Myphoner Voice, and should you need us, our world-class support team is ready to help out around the clock.

Power dialer vs. predictive dialer

A predictive dialer tries to predict the ratio of people that will pick up the phone and initiates enough calls to connect all available agents with an active call based on the expected rate. This approach leaves a risk of losing leads that pick up when there's no available agent.

A power dialer, on the other hand, is automated, but non-predictive. The power dialer will still let sales agents work very efficiently but with a risk that they must wait in between calls when people don't pick up.

Thus predictive diallers are more suited for larger teams, like call centres with 50+ agents, that prioritize keeping agents busy rather than being able to talk to every lead, e.g. in a B2C campaign.

Power dialers are better suited for small to medium-sized teams and especially B2B sales where each prospect has a higher potential.

Advantages of a power dialer

Advantages over manually dialling

No waste of time dialling manually
No typing mistakes
Eliminates or reduce lead fishing and skipping leads
Improves agents experience and productivity
Increase sales
Increase agent productivity

Efficiency & No typing errors

A power dialer dramatically improves the experience of sales agents as well as their efficiency, removing the need to dial every sales lead as well as deciding who to call next.

Advantages over predictive dialers

Your prospect will always speak to a live agent
No delay at the beginning of the call for the prospect
Agents can research and post-process sales calls
No lost calls due to agent availability
Higher connect rates
Perfect for B2B campaigns

Quality & No lost calls

A power dialer is efficient but not aggressive like predictive dialers. With a power dialer, you can work efficiently with a smaller team, and your connect rates will be better, which is essential, especially in B2B campaigns.

What industries can benefit from using a power dialer?

SaaS products
Physical products
Real estate
Energy and Solar
Legal services
Education, coaching and counselling
Appointment setting
Market Research
General telemarketing
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We have customers in many sectors

Our customers span a range of industries, all drawing benefits from using our unique workflow and power dialer.

Some of those industries are mentioned in this list.

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The speed at which my cold callers are able to call is my primary concern. Optimizing their time was a HUGE selling point when we considered Myphoner.

Tyler Johnson, Sales Manager

Answering Legal

Get Myphoner

Simple lead tracking solution through a unique cold calling workflow.

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Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.

Features of the Myphoner power dialer

Never miss a follow up again

Our lead queue and unique workflow let agents schedule follow-ups flexibly and with ease. It can take as little as a single click to schedule a follow-up call and move on to the next lead.

Prospects are automatically prioritised in the queue when scheduled, and we also send out notifications when a follow-up is due.

    Use our powerful scheduler to stay on track and persistently follow-up on leads

    Use our powerful scheduler to stay on track and persistently follow-up on leads

    Boost agent efficiency

    The Myphoner power dialer help agents speed up their dial rate significantly by eliminating repeated tasks and automating where possible.

    • Auto-dial & pre-dial on disposition initiates the call to the next lead immediately when selecting disposition for the last

    • Intelligent Retry Strategies postpones & moves to the next lead on no answer or busy tone & archives invalid leads

    • Voicemail Drop allows agents to quickly select a voicemail and move to the next lead immediately while it plays

    Intelligent retry strategies help agents speed up their call rate significantly

    Intelligent retry strategies help agents speed up their call rate significantly

    Handle inbound elegantly

    Handle inbound when a lead returns the call, whether that is playing a message, taking them through an IVR or connecting directly with your agents.

    • Define call flows for routing calls to active agents, playing music or redirecting the call

    • Easily set up call groups of multiple agents and use them in the call flows you define

    • Agents can opt-out of getting inbound calls when they are on another, active call

    • Upload and manage sound bits for playing music or menu-instructions for inbound callers

    Setting up IVR in Myphoner

    Setting up IVR in Myphoner

    Train your agents with Live Monitoring & Whisper

    View agent's activity as it happens. The live monitor will display all agents and their current with indicators on changes in call status, switching between leads etc.

    Listen in on any calls with a single click to review and collect feedback for your agents.

    When listening to a call, you can enable whisper, which lets you talk to the agent while on call, without the lead being able to hear you.

      Live Monitoring in Myphoner

      Understand your performance

      Myphoner provides insights to agent performance, campaign activity and any details you might want with three types of reports that enable you to analyse the performance of your team and identify bottlenecks at an instant.

      • Agent performance reports

      • Campaign activity reports

      • Detailed sales call reports

      More about sales reports

      Agent performance report

      Agent performance report

      Scale with ease

      Adding or removing agents is easy, and Myphoner keeps track of claimed leads and adjusts each agent's queue automatically with our dynamic lead distribution.

      Adding and updating lead data can be done on-the-fly or in bulk, all while your agents are working.

      Invite your clients or managers to follow along as you progress, with secure access to scoped sales performance reports.

      Create and assign segments to let agents work and compete in focused campaigns with comparable leads.

        Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner

        Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner

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