Myphoner power dialer for cold callers

Dial through a list of leads with efficiency and ease. Use the Myphoner power dialer to call the next lead in your queue automatically with no delay.

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Myphoner really adds value when it comes to making lots of calls in a short time. Power dialling is made much easier, and it even works better than the tools included in my CRM.

Jeroen Teiwes, Business Development


Increase performance and reduce noise

Myphoner is a unique sales tool for cold calling, combining a lightweight sales CRM with an advanced lead queue and a sales dialer into an easy, but efficient solution to sales teams.

We help sales teams increase performance and reduce noise when conducting b2b sales calls. Our unique workflow is tailored to the top-of-the-funnel, requiring multiple callbacks before leads turn to prospects and eventually, customers.

With our power dialling features, such as built-in call recording and attractive rates around the globe, Myphoner is a natural choice for in-house product sales teams as well as bureaus booking meetings or conducting surveys.

    Viewing a lead in Myphoner

    Scale with ease

    Adding or removing agents is easy, and Myphoner keeps track of claimed leads and adjusts each agent's queue automatically with our dynamic lead distribution.

    Adding and updating lead data can be done on-the-fly or in bulk, all while your agents are working.

    Invite your clients or managers to follow along as you progress, with secure access to scoped sales performance reports.

    Create and assign lead segments to let agents work and compete in focused campaigns with comparable leads.

      Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner

      Understand your performance

      Myphoner provides insights to agent performance, campaign activity and any details you might want with three types of reports that enable you to analyse the performance of your team and identify bottlenecks at an instant.

      • Agent performance reports

      • Campaign activity reports

      • Detailed sales call reports

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      Agent performance report

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      Simple lead tracking solution through a unique cold calling workflow.

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      What is a power dialer?

      A power dialer is an outbound telephone system that automatically initiates a call to the next lead when the sales agent is ready.

      Power dialers or automatic dialers let the agents focus on the sales conversation, by removing manual work such as dialling or deciding which lead to call next.

      Combined with a lead queue, a power dialer can drastically increase the productivity of your sales team. Myphoner provides this system. We give you a state-of-the-art lead queue with a power dialer on top.

      Power dialer vs. predictive dialer

      A predictive dialer tries to predict the ratio of people that will pick up the phone and initiates enough calls to connect all available agents with an active call based on the expected rate. This approach leaves a risk of losing leads that pick up when there's no available agent.

      A power dialer, on the other hand, is automated, but non-predictive. The power dialer will still let sales agents work very efficiently but with a risk that they must wait in between calls when people don't pick up.

      Thus predictive diallers are more suited for larger teams, like call centres with 50+ agents, that prioritize keeping agents busy rather than being able to talk to every lead, e.g. in a B2C campaign.

      Power dialers are better suited for small to mid-sized teams of sales agents, where each lead matters, such as B2B sales.

      How does the Myphoner power dialer work?

      Power dialling in Myphoner consists of three features which play together to provide the optimal workflow and speed for agents.

      • The lead queue always provides the most relevant lead to the agent.

      • The auto-dial option initiates the call the moment a lead is opened.

      • Myphoner Voice executes the call and hangs up automatically when the agent selects the outcome of the call, and the queue moves on to the next best lead.

      The Myphoner Voice webphone sits in the bottom of the lead view

      The speed at which my cold callers are able to call is my primary concern. Optimizing their time was a HUGE selling point when we considered Myphoner.

      Tyler Johnson, Sales Manager

      Answering Legal

      Frequently asked questions:

      Can I save money with Myphoner Voice?

      Yes. Our rates are per minute, but we split the minutes down to seconds when we charge. This way, you are only charged a fraction if you only call for a few seconds. Most other vendors round up to the nearest minute when calculating the cost of each call. We do not. We only charge for the actual time the call took.

      In our experience, that means sales teams can save up to 85% on the cost when compared to subscriptions that are charged by the minute (each call is rounded to the nearest minute). We do NOT charge any attempt or connect fees - you ONLY pay per second when you have connected to the destination.

      What are your rates for the telephony?

      We cover the entire world. Please contact our support team to get a quote for the destinations you need.

      How do I get started?

      Easy. Once you are signed up for a trial, follow our guide to enable Myphoner Voice today.

      Can I call destination X?

      Yes. We cover the entire world. Certain numbers, such as overly expensive numbers, satellite connections etc. are blocked in our network.

      I have agents in Country Y, will it work?

      We have servers in North America, Europe and Australia. Agents outside these regions may experience delays. Talk to us if you are having trouble.

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