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Say goodbye to scattered sales efforts and unqualified leads. Myphoner simplifies lead prioritization, giving you more time to close deals without stretching your budget.

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What we do

Lead management that just works

Managing leads effectively while juggling different channels can be a real headache. Add to that the need to segment and filter based on various lead attributes, and you're looking at a chaotic and time-consuming process.

I was able to double my output while still maintaining the quality by using Myphoner instead of my old tool.

Eric Elming
Eric Elming
Sales Manager, Skyepack

With Myphoner, lead prioritization becomes a seamless part of your workflow. Our platform automatically bumps leads to the top of your queue based on real-time interactions across phone, email, and SMS channels. This way, you’ll be able to efficiently separate quality leads from junk ones. We give you the flexibility to segment, filter, and sort leads based on meaningful attributes like industry, location, or buying stage. The result? A streamlined workflow that helps you close more deals, faster.

But Myphoner offers more than just lead prioritization. It's a complete cold calling solution designed for both solopreneurs and mid-sized sales teams. Even if you’re still experimenting with what the best sales strategy will be for you, Myphoner gives you the flexibility to get started with minimal effort and shift your approach when you need to.

With a unified platform combining CRM, a power dialer, and IP telephony, we offer an efficient, user-friendly workflow that empowers you to maximize productivity in your calling campaigns. For those managing teams, Myphoner provides features to enhance coordination and boost collaboration. Our customers love us for our straightforward simplicity and exceptional value.

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British Council
Monsido Webmaster Tool

Featured client

Definitely recommend Myphoner to other startups, a great tool, easy to use, affordable, makes all the pain go away when it comes to cold calling and as a start-up, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Jacob Riff
Jacob Riff
Co-Founder | Monsido
Why Myphoner

Solutions that meet your unique needs

Optimized Team Scalability

Designed for Small to Mid-Sized Sales Teams

Myphoner is particularly suited for small to mid-sized teams. Offering a feature set that finds the perfect balance between complexity and usability. You won't find yourself lost in endless configurations, nor will you find the platform lacking as your team grows. Companies like Skyepack started using Myphoner along with a standard office phone then eventually moved up to using click-to-call, which enhanced efficiency as the company grew.

The campaign overview page for an agent in Myphoner
Comprehensive Performance Insights

Maintain Complete Control Over Your Campaigns

While Myphoner excels at boosting agent performance, we haven't forgotten about the importance of managerial oversight. Our platform offers granular control over every aspect of your outbound campaigns.

As your company grows, transparent reporting becomes more important. Fortunately, Myphoner provides complete transparency on how your agents are performing through metrics of how many meetings are booked, calls are made, answer rates, and time spent on calls–just to name a few!

Our comprehensive reporting features are tailored to give you the insights you need to manage your team effectively. Identify your top performers, support your new hires, and ensure everyone is aligned with your organization's KPIs through fully customizable performance metrics and live, updated comparison charts.

Example of performance stats for agents
Simplicity Meets Power

Simple to Use, Yet Packed with Advanced Features

Leave behind the daunting complexity of monolithic software systems that claim to do it all but deliver little. Myphoner specializes in providing you with a focused, advanced solution for lead prioritization—without extraneous features to distract your sales agents or complicate their workflow.

Our software keeps the advanced functionalities under the hood, offering a clean, user-friendly interface that lets your team focus on what truly matters: the sales conversation.

So, if you're looking for a usable but powerful tool that allows you to concentrate solely on engaging with your leads, without the unnecessary complexities of a full-fledged CRM or the limitations of a spreadsheet, Myphoner is your go-to platform.

Viewing a lead in Myphoner
Effortless Prioritization

Seamless Lead Management: Enhance Prioritization with Myphoner Voice, Email, & SMS

Maximize the power of lead prioritization by utilizing Myphoner Voice in tandem with our supported Google or Microsoft email and SMS solutions. This ensures real-time feedback on lead interactions across phone, email, and SMS channels. Leads are automatically moved up in your queue based on these interactions, enabling a seamless, automated prioritization process.

An email reply in Myphoner

Get Myphoner

Simple lead tracking solution through a unique cold calling workflow.

Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.

How we do it

Features and usage at a glance

Power Dialer

Dial through a list of leads with efficiency and ease. Use the Myphoner power dialer to call the next lead in your queue automatically with no delay.

Explore The Myphoner Power Dialer


Create email templates to let your agents quickly send consistent, typo-free follow-up emails. Replies are auto-queued for follow-up.

Explore Email Templates in Myphoner


Boost engagement with SMS—a channel that offers higher open rates and CTR—alongside other communication methods, all within Myphoner.

Explore SMS in Myphoner


Easily manage duplicate leads as you go or when you have imported your leads. Get a complete report and handle duplicates when it suits you.

Explore Lead Deduplication in Myphoner

Lead Segmentation

Myphoner lets you segment your leads by any attribute and distribute segments to your agents. It's super easy to set up and blazing fast.

Explore Lead Segmentation in Myphoner


Streamline your workflow and sync your data by seamlessly integrating with virtually any other system through Zapier, Make, Integrately, or Zoho Flow.

Explore Integrations


What our clients say about us

My company has used Myphoner for over four years, and I would recommend it to any call center specializing in cold-calling. The platform is incredibly easy to use. Plus, the Myphoner team is always there to assist, and they continually roll out new features.

Karel van Mossevelde
Karel van Mossevelde

Myphoner helped us increase our call conversion rates by 25% as we scaled our remote teams throughout MENA. We can now measure the performance of our outbound campaigns with much more ease and efficiency.

Abilash Ramesh
Abilash Ramesh
British Council

I've been using Myphoner for several years now, been in sales about 10 years, and it is simply the best cold outreach tool I have ever used. I've tried about 30 other sales tools and this is one of the few that I keep coming back to.

Nashan Vassall
Nashan Vassall
Goldson Financial, LLC

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