Superior telemarketing software at a fraction of the cost

Streamline your team's workflow for superior productivity, deliver actionable performance reports, and save on operational costs with one unified telemarketing software solution.

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What we do

How Myphoner delivers value in telemarketing

Juggling multiple clients and campaigns is a demanding task. Couple that with the pressure to deliver transparent, actionable reports to clients and optimize agent performance, and you're looking at a complex, time-consuming workload. These challenges are made worse by tedious tasks, like updating contact lists and manually tracking follow-ups that consume precious time—time that could be better spent on strategic activities like client acquisition and relationship building.

This application has been a real pleasure to use - from the set-up to the user experience, Myphoner offers simplicity, functionality and an easy-to-use reporting interface. We love the flexibility to easily import and configure different types of lists, the ability to re-assign lists, to single or multiple agents, on-the-fly and quick user adoption. What a fantastic application. Myphoner delivers a great solution at a great value. Five stars!

Sherry Wheat
Sherry Wheat
Founder & CEO, TeleSales, Inc.

Myphoner alleviates these pain points by providing a comprehensive telemarketing platform designed for efficiency and transparency. The intuitive interface minimizes training time, allowing you to onboard new team members quickly. Our advanced performance reporting and time-tracking functionalities provide actionable insights, helping you optimize your campaigns and offer transparency to clients with visually appealing reports. Forget about the hassle of juggling multiple platforms, Myphoner streamlines your workflow. From easy data import/export that retains the original format to automatically updated client silos and sub-accounts for better segmentation.

Beyond addressing these immediate concerns, Myphoner is a robust solution equipped with a range of features tailored for businesses of all sizes. With capabilities like live monitoring and training, seamless integration for instant lead delivery, and a power dialer for efficient outreach, we offer a unified, cost-effective platform. These features, along with our emphasis on simplicity and value, make Myphoner the choice for team heads and managers who are intent on maximizing productivity and minimizing operational costs.

By focusing on the unique challenges and goals of your role, Myphoner offers an invaluable tool for anyone looking to streamline their telemarketing operations, enhance team performance, and deliver exceptional value to clients—all without breaking the bank.

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Myphoner solution benefits

Setup your business for success with the benefits of Myphoner

Whatever the title is the aim is the same, convert leads. Myphoner helps do just that while staying out of the way.

Telemarketing teams choose Myphoner for its streamlined integration of CRM, power dialer, and IP telephony, enhancing productivity with an intuitive platform that simplifies lead management and supports efficient team collaboration.

Unified Outreach
Enhance your reach and engagement through SMS, email, and calls — all managed in one interface.
Global trust
Global reach has never been easier. Utilize local numbers to build trust with your clients, no matter where they are.
Lead prioritization
Never miss an opportunity. Our system automatically prioritizes leads based on their interactions.
Client empowerment
Offer clients a professional portal to monitor their campaign progress or resell seats under your own brand.
Real-time insights
Track key performance metrics in real-time, facilitating quick, informed decisions.
Campaign customization
Customize campaigns based on client needs or products, and manage them with ease through client silos.
Workflow efficiency
Our intuitive workflow prioritizes current tasks and queues up subsequent steps, ensuring a streamlined process.
Message consistency
Maintain message consistency and improve agent effectiveness with customizable call scripts and templates.
Flexible subscription plans
Opt for monthly flexibility or yearly cost-saving plans, easily transitioning as your ROI proves satisfactory.

Featured client

Myphoner enables our business to deliver real value to our clients. Not only the results, but also the visibility of those results.

Eloise Butcher
Eloise Butcher
Founder | Zembr

Superior telemarketing software at a fraction of the cost

Simple lead tracking solution through a unique cold calling workflow.

Viewing a lead in Myphoner
Why Myphoner

All-in-one toolkit for streamlined processes and team efficiency

All-in-One Calling

A single solution for all your cold calling needs

Juggling multiple campaigns and ensuring quality leads don’t slip through the cracks is no small feat. With Myphoner's robust lead management system, backed by a high-performance dialer and global reach with local numbers worldwide, the heavy lifting is done for you. For instance, our robust Power Dialler allowed Zembr’s team of agents to stay motivated with calling by automating dialling and lead queueing.

Take advantage of multi-channel follow-up and interaction-based lead prioritization to ensure that every touchpoint is covered. With the added benefit of our white-label add-on, you can offer your clients a branded portal where they can log in and follow the progress of their campaigns, enhancing your professional image.

Stay in control by customizing your call scripts and email templates to guarantee a consistent brand message across all interactions. The additional capability to recycle leads ensures that no opportunity is wasted. Furthermore, B2B companies like Zembr were able to address their campaign management and client reporting needs with our client silos which simplify the complexities of managing multiple campaigns and clients, neatly organizing them for easy access. To top it off, the search function allows you to pinpoint leads or specific information in an instant.

By using Myphoner as your primary sales and marketing tool, like Zembr did, you’ll gain more transparency, and accountability and ensure scalability as you take on more campaigns.

Viewing campaigns in Myphoner
A balanced value offering

Unmatched value through competitive pricing and flexible plans

Balancing cost and quality is a constant challenge for any head of sales. With Myphoner, you won't compromise functionality for affordability.

Our transparent, competitive subscription pricing starts with premium options at just $49/month, assuring both high functionality and value for your money. Our international call rates are competitive and come with no hidden fees — recordings and storage are included.

Choose from flexible subscription plans: monthly options for immediate flexibility and yearly plans for maximum cost-saving. It's easy to start on a monthly plan and switch to a yearly subscription once ROI has been proven. Our white-label add-on also allows for business branching or offering managed solutions to clients, adding another layer of value. Support options are tailored to your exact needs, featuring both free and priority paid tiers, ensuring you get the level of support you need without breaking the bank.

Viewing a lead in Myphoner
Efficient Team Monitoring

Tools to manage and monitor your team's performance

Keeping a close eye on your team without micromanaging is a fine line to walk. Myphoner enables effective and non-invasive team supervision with tools for seamless agent management and real-time time tracking. Our configurable reports offer insights into both campaign and individual performance, backed by timely notifications to keep you in the loop.

Our call monitoring, live training, and recording features will further enhance your team coordination and training, ensuring no team member gets left behind.

Example of performance stats for agents
Streamlined user experience

A user-friendly interface designed for superior productivity

Navigating a cluttered interface while trying to manage tasks can quickly diminish productivity.

Myphoner addresses this with a straightforward, intuitive interface that's designed for quick onboarding and sustained efficiency. Our advanced workflow intelligently prioritizes your current tasks and sets up the queue for what's next, ensuring you're always focused on what matters most. Clients are often won over when they see the reporting and dashboard tools that provide a clear overview of campaigns at a glance.

Viewing a lead in Myphoner

What our clients say about us

My company has used Myphoner for over four years, and I would recommend it to any call center specializing in cold-calling. The platform is incredibly easy to use. Plus, the Myphoner team is always there to assist, and they continually roll out new features.

Karel van Mossevelde
Karel van Mossevelde

Myphoner helped us increase our call conversion rates by 25% as we scaled our remote teams throughout MENA. We can now measure the performance of our outbound campaigns with much more ease and efficiency.

Abilash Ramesh
Abilash Ramesh
British Council

I looked around for a program for weeks, everything was busy and full of unnecessary functionality, I finally found Myphoner, and it is the most efficient cold calling platform ever!! you can have multiple agents working from the same data list, it really is great!

Justin Kessler
Justin Kessler

Who can benefit

We have customers in many sectors

Take advantage of our intelligent workflow to reach more leads in less time.

Take advantage of our intelligent workflow to reach more leads in less time.

Appointment setting
Increases conversion rates by efficiently organizing and prioritizing lead contacts for appointments.
Market Research
Enables data-driven decisions through streamlined participant recruitment and engagement tracking.
General telemarketing
Boosts call efficiency and success rates with advanced lead prioritization and management features.
Financial advisory services
Enhances client acquisition and retention by precisely tracking and managing investor leads and inquiries.
SaaS products
Streamlines customer acquisition and retention processes through efficient lead management.
Physical products
Enhances inventory visibility and sales opportunities with targeted lead tracking.
Real estate
Simplifies client management and property interest tracking for faster closing times.
Energy and Solar
Supports sustainable growth with precise lead segmentation and follow-up strategies.
Legal services
Facilitates case and client acquisition by optimizing lead response times and follow-ups.
Education, coaching and counselling
Improves enrollment rates by effectively managing prospective student and client leads.

Frequently asked questions

What is telemarketing software?

Telemarketing software gives your contact center the tools to make your sales agents more efficient and productive. In doing so, this software provides you with telemarketing solutions like power-dialing and auto-dialing.Telemarketing software is a specialized set of tools designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of telephone-based sales teams. It often includes features such as power-dialing and auto-dialing to help agents breeze through lead lists, as well as advanced call retry strategies to maximize sales efforts. Analytics and reporting functionalities are commonly incorporated to provide insights into agent performance and overall operational efficiency.

Myphoner is telemarketing software that sets itself apart by focusing on ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness. Built for international reach with local numbers, our integrated CRM, dialer, and IP telephony system streamline the cold calling process, making it efficient and straightforward to operate. Coupled with competitively priced subscriptions and transparent, affordable call rates, Myphoner offers a value-packed solution that doesn't compromise on functionality or financial prudence.

How does software for telemarketing work?

Telemarketing software is engineered to optimize your sales workflow, allowing you to connect with as many leads as possible in a minimal amount of time. Features like an auto-dialer eliminate manual dialing, automatically queuing up the next call as soon as the previous one ends, along with selectable dispositions to quickly summarize call outcomes.

In addition to speeding up the calling process, quality telemarketing software provides analytics for performance monitoring. This enables you to gauge the efficiency of your agents by tracking metrics such as average time spent on each lead and conversion rates. With Myphoner, you get all of these features in a user-friendly, cost-effective package.

Why choose Myphoner as an Outbound Sales Platform?

Myphoner offers a highly efficient single-line auto-dialer with intelligent retry strategies. Coupled with features like voicemail drop, email and SMS templates, Myphoner enables your sales agents to work swiftly and smartly. All these features are designed to elevate the quality of interaction with high-value B2B leads.

How is Myphoner different from other Call Center Solutions?

Unlike many solutions that focus on local or regional markets, Myphoner is born global. It supports international calls to and from anywhere using local numbers. This is coupled with robust reporting features for managerial insights and an array of agent management tools, setting it apart from traditional call center software.

What makes Myphoner a compelling Telesales Software?

The integrated CRM, dialer, and IP telephony in Myphoner eliminate cumbersome procedures and the need for multiple tools. The platform is designed for easy onboarding, with a streamlined workflow that enhances agent productivity, making it an ideal choice for telesales.

How does Myphoner support Appointment Setting?

While Myphoner does not offer a built-in calendar feature, it allows for easy third-party integrations such as Zapier, Make, Integrately, and Zoho Flow. This enables you to automate appointment setting based on lead follow-up times or other criteria.

How does Myphoner support Multi-Channel Outreach?

Myphoner supports two-way interactions through Calls/VoIP, Email, and SMS. The system prioritizes leads based on real-time interactions across these channels, offering a truly multi-channel outreach platform.

What are Myphoner’s Automated Telemarketing capabilities?

Myphoner is designed for semi-automatic operations to maintain the quality of interactions with high-value B2B leads. Intelligent retry strategies, voicemail drop, and quick email and SMS templates contribute to optimizing speed and efficiency without sacrificing the quality of outreach.

How does Myphoner ensure GDPR and other compliance?

Myphoner is fully compliant with GDPR and has restricted scope verification for the Gmail API by Google (CASA compliant). While we support Do Not Call (DNC) lists, adherence to legislation in specific regions or countries remains the responsibility of the customer.

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