Run B2B Telemarketing Campaigns Simply

Myphoner makes cold calling simple letting agents focus on what matters, creating connections.

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Why Myphoner?

What Simple Telemarketing Looks Like


Built in Dialer & VoIP

Our built-in power dialer & VoIP platform extends Myphoner into a complete cold calling solution.

Saving agents time & giving managers a complete overview of calls & activity all in one platform.


Lead Centric

Our unique queue algorithm ensures agents are always calling the next best lead.

The activity tracker gives agents the power to step into a call knowing all the history of any lead effortlessly.



Myphoner integrates with thousands of applications through Zapier, Integromat, Zoho Flow and our Open API.

Whether you want to simply book meetings or send lead information to any CRM we've got you covered.

Agent Focused Tools

A simple agent experience optimised for calling efficiency

The time overview page for an agent in Myphoner

Integrated Time Tracking

With the integrated time tracker agents can use the simple but powerful tool to manually track time, or when combined with our power dialer, automatically track time spent working on leads.

    The lead queue in Myphoner

    Unique Queue

    Our queue empowers agents to work the way that suits them best while sharing the same campaign with colleagues & ensuring they never miss a scheduled call!

      How the agents sees their daily stats

      Agent Dashboard

      Agents can easily see their progress throughout the day to help keep them motivated and even see how they have progressed through the weeks altogether or in different campaigns. This helps them reach their KPI's and keeping them focused.

        Setting up dialer strategies in Myphoner

        Enhanced Autodial

        An auto-dial feature is great, and with our intelligent retry strategies we even enable agents to move through leads quickly, automatically moving to the next lead on no answer time out; postpone leads on a busy tone; & archives invalid leads.

          "Myphoner enables our business to deliver real value to our clients. Not only the results, but also the visibility of those results."
          Eloise Butcher

          Eloise Butcher

          Founder, Zembr
          Decorative shape
          Decorative shape
          Management Focused Tools

          Easily scale your management effort with Myphoner


          Complete Overview of Campaigns

          Our robust reporting tools make it easy for you to keep track of campaigns on multiple levels. Easily understand how effective your agents are & the success of campaigns as a whole.


          Full Control

          You're in the driver's seat with Myphoner. With multiple configuration options, create workflows that work for you. We have a host of tools that ensure every client's campaign can be set up to suit their specific needs.


          Client Campaigns

          Easily manage multiple client campaigns, with client-centric tools that manage each client independently along with client user rights giving access to the data that's relevant to them.


          Lead Management

          Multiple options to deal with nasty duplicate leads & the ability to create silos for different client campaigns. You never have to worry about lead management again.

          "We love the flexibility to easily import and configure different types of lists, the ability to re-assign lists, to single or multiple agents, on-the-fly and quick user adoption."
          Sherry Wheat

          Sherry Wheat

          TeleSales Atlanta

          Don't take Sherry's words for it - see the benefits of Myphoner today!

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