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Achieve your sales goals with ease and efficiency using Myphoner. Make more calls & convert leads faster, driving a transformational change to your prospecting!

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Solutions for every member of the team

Myphoner is a comprehensive cold calling solution that integrates CRM, power dialer, and IP telephony for small to mid-sized sales teams. It streamlines calling productivity with a user-friendly platform, enhancing team coordination and collaboration.

Myphoner helped us increase our call conversion rates by 25% as we scaled our remote teams throughout MENA. We can now measure the performance of our outbound campaigns with much more ease and efficiency.

Abilash Ramesh
Abilash Ramesh
Customer Management and Sales Lead - Gulf South, British Council

Offering all essential features of lead management, our CRM goes a step further by providing advanced options such as lead deduplication and grouping. Our power dialer is equipped with numerous calling features such as auto-dial, intelligent retry strategies, voicemail drop, and inbound call handling. And our IP telephony service facilitates reliable local and international communication. All these features come together in an empowering, user-friendly workflow that streamlines and supercharges your calling productivity.

For team leaders, Myphoner offers a comprehensive toolset aimed at enhancing agents efficiency and promoting cooperation. The intuitive interface and streamlined workflow simplify agent onboarding, while detailed activity reports offer insights into performance and time management. Our unique lead distribution system features queue settings, diverse lead sourcing, and a non-conflict lead claiming system to optimize lead allocation. Additional features like live call monitoring and call recording are included to further boost agent performance.

The value Myphoner delivers is evident in the long-lasting customer relationships and consistently high ratings for ease of use, features, and value for money. The platform is recognized for balancing powerful features with user-friendly design and affordability.

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British Council
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Myphoner solution benefits

Setup your team for success with the benefits of Myphoner

Whatever the title is the aim is the same, convert leads. Myphoner helps do just that while staying out of the way.

Sales teams choose Myphoner for its streamlined integration of CRM, power dialer, and IP telephony, enhancing productivity with an intuitive platform that simplifies lead management and supports efficient team collaboration.

Streamlined Cold Calling Operation
Integrated CRM, dialer, and IP telephony remove lengthy, cumbersome procedures and eliminate multiple tool maintenance—raising efficiency.
Optimized Lead Management
Efficient processes for lead capture, organization, and distribution prevent missed opportunities and improve lead engagement.
Comprehensive Lead Tracking
The lead tracking feature enables lead monitoring lead and continuous data enrichment, facilitating lead progression and closing.
Expanded Global Reach
IP telephony with local and international numbers facilitates trustworthy, barrier-free communication with clients worldwide.
Simplified Workflow
With an easy learning curve for new users and additional customization options, our single-view platform simplifies operations and enhances agent productivity.
Efficient Team Management
Our suite of agent management tools promotes performance optimization, continuous improvement, and effective time management.
Informed Managerial Decisions
Configurable performance reports offer valuable insights, aiding in insightful decision-making.
Cost-Effective Excellence
Our competitively priced subscriptions and affordable call rates assure significant cost savings and an elevated return on investment.

Featured client

Myphoner provides complete transparency on how each agent is performing and how effective our campaigns are.

Eric Elming
Eric Elming
Sales Manager | Skyepack
more efficient while maintaining the same quality.
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Simple lead tracking solution through a unique cold calling workflow.

Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.
Why Myphoner

Focus on supporting your team instead of doing admin stuff

CRM & Workflow

A superior workflow for sales agents and their team

We provide an effortless learning curve to new users, while enabling experienced users to configure and tweak the experience to suit their needs.

Getting started is easy, and agents can be productive right away. Calling, emailing, texting, updating, categorizing and scheduling leads is done from one view that’s simple and comprehensible. Your call log is also right there, easy to access and overview, in case you need to go back and add or amend anything.

A fast and easily accessed search function lets you find leads who call back or simply lets you navigate to a certain lead.

Viewing a lead in Myphoner

Streamlined workflow across your stack

We believe that in order to have a great sales process you need to be able to integrate your sales CRM with any tool in your tech stack.

  • Open API - we offer a robust rest API through our API integration engine.
  • Zapier, Make, Integrately & Soho Flow - integrate with thousands of your favorite apps such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce & more through multiple API hubs such as Zapier.
  • Emails - your team can send emails directly from our sales CRM with Google Workspace & Outlook 365. Replies will prioritize and auto-queue the lead.
Setting up an integration with Zapier

Reporting on Multiple Levels

Simply create the sales reports you need. Whether it is quarterly reports for c-suite execs, weekly analytics for forecasting or daily reports for your team, Myphoner has you covered!

  • Agent performance reports.
  • Campaign activity reports.
  • Detailed sales call reports.
  • Report configuration.
Detailed report view

Onboarding & Coaching

Gone are the days of week-long training & time-consuming coaching. Onboard agents within a few minutes and provide them with dedicated coaching utilizing:

  • Call Monitoring - Easily monitor live calls, listen & even coach agents all in real-time.
  • Call Recordings - Effectively coach agents by listening to recorded calls to provide feedback & optimize performance.
  • Activity Management - All activity is saved within Myphoner easily access information to better understand your team and coach them further.

Easily Manage KPI’S

Understand how each agent is performing without any admin, Myphoner provides you with the power to support your team.

  • Configurable Agent Reports - Configure agent reports to show the KPI's that are important to you and your team.
  • Agent Cards - View & compare agent data at any given interval to truly understand where they are at.
  • Campaign Reports - Easily see how different campaigns are succeeding at any given time as well as segments.
Agent performance report

What our clients say about us

Easy to use and simple but it still manages to offer an advanced toolkit for lead management. No need for heavy and overpriced lead management software anymore :)

Koen Van der Weijden
Koen Van der Weijden

The speed at which my cold callers are able to call is my primary concern. Optimizing their time was a HUGE selling point when we considered Myphoner.

Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Sales Manager, Answering Legal

Myphoner is a must have for cold calling. It's one of the most simple and efficient tools I have ever worked with. The few times I had questions the customer service helped me out in minutes!

Maarten Bakuwel
Maarten Bakuwel
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