How to Use Power Dialers For Sales

Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent
  • February 28, 2022


  • We’ll delve into understanding all things power dialers.
  • You’ll learn what they are and their difference from predictive dialers.
  • We’ll also show you how you can use them to make effective sales calls.

No matter how good your sales team is at selling, there are still hours lost on the phone. There always seems to be that one hard-to-reach client who won’t return an email or phone call.

These elusive prospects drain your time, energy, and lead to a full inbox of unreturned messages. So what’s the solution to this problem? It’s simply a power dialer with a call tracking feature that helps reduce the time wasted on unsuccessful calls.

What is power dialing in Sales?

Power dialing is a bit of call center jargon that refers to the automatic dialing of phone numbers. It’s a little different than “callback” which makes your agent wait until the contact hangs up before dialing again.

Power dialing, on the other hand, will make an additional call while the person is still on the line with your agent.

Here are the three basic steps:

  1. When a call ends, the call center agent presses a button that triggers the power dialer to call another contact.
  2. The software directs the power dialer to call whoever is next on the list.
  3. The power dialer automatically places the next call without any additional action from the agent.

As you can see, the power dialer gives your sales team more control when compared with a predictive dialer. While the latter makes multiple calls simultaneously, a power dialer lets you select the speed it runs at and how many channels to dial per agent.

Furthermore, a predictive dialer takes away your control since it uses a complex algorithm to determine the dial speed. On the other hand, a power dialer gives back the power to your hands.

Power Dialing In Sales: Tips How To use It

Power dialing is an effective sales strategy because it adds emotion to your voice and helps connect you with your customers on a personal level.

Here are some tips for power dialing effectively as a salesperson or in other business situations.

Practice good phone etiquette

Phone etiquette is a much-needed art. Whether you’re on the receiving or giving end of a cold call, there are specific rules to follow. Since we’re assuming you’re making the call and not receiving one, let’s talk about what makes for a good one.

One of the most important things to remember is that it’s never about you. It’s about them. You want to build rapport and get the other person to open up, so you need to work your way around asking questions that will tell you everything you need to know.

Personal questions like “where are you from?” and “so how did you get into that?” are more likely to result in one-word answers than “how can I help you?” or “what do you do here?”.

Connect with the Right Prospects

A power dialer takes contact information imported into a list or generated from a website and dials the number from a telephone. It has many impressive features to help you target the right clients effectively. For example, these features do just that.

Automated calling capabilities

The software can be programmed to make calls at certain times of day or night when prospects are most likely to answer their phone.

Once a number is dialed, the software can also make follow-up calls to people who do not respond so you don't miss out on potential revenue.


The software allows you to target specific numbers that fit your criteria for adding new clients. For example, if you call for leads for commercial cleaning services, choose only those numbers that specify cleaning services on their voicemail message. This will save time and ensure that you have qualified leads.

Conversion tracking

The software tracks each lead, so you know what works best in converting contacts into paying customers. You may find that particular days/times work better than others or that particular messages convert better than others when left on voice mails

Organize your client database

If you run a business, managing your client database is of utmost importance. You will be required to organize the data to access the desired information on demand. The best power dialing software helps you categorize clients.

This way, you can organize customers into different groups and makes personalized services available.

Power dialing software facilitates routing calls based on categories that answer the callers’ needs and preferences. Thus, it streamlines a company's operation, as well as improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Segment your contact list

Using a power dialer can save you time, but only if you use it wisely. The best way to do this is to segment your contact list and create scripts for each segment. By doing this, you can make the most of your calls by staying focused and avoiding context-switching on every call.

Let’s take a look at an example of segmentation:

Imagine that you have a list of pre-qualified leads and are ready to buy. Since there’s no sense in wasting time with those who aren’t prepared to buy right now, you should divide them into three segments based on their needs: pain, solution, and budget.

Within each of these segments, there may be more specific sub-segments, such as "dental offices looking to invest in new dental equipment" or "running a small business that needs help with marketing."

You can further refine these categories by adding information such as company size and role within the company (e.g., owner or sales manager). Furthermore, since someone in a sales management role probably has the power to make decisions about purchasing new equipment or services for their organization, it makes sense to create a separate script for them instead of an individual salesperson.

Use email follow-ups

Using the phone dialer is an easy way for people to find your business and get in touch. But you can also automatically set up an email that will be sent to someone who has contacted your company through the telephone.

This will help you give them a little more information about the services you provide and will allow you to ask them if they have any further questions. You can also add links to helpful resources that might help them with their concerns or issues.

For example, a plumber might want to offer a link for free estimates for plumbing services.

As an alternative, you could send out a text message to your customers, asking if they would like to receive future texts about any additional offers or coupons that you are making available.

This works great for businesses trying to establish repeat customers or visitors who have been satisfied with their recent purchases from your company!

Beware of the customers' pain point

Awareness and interest are vital in the lead generation process that marketers undergo. However, these elements alone are not enough to convince a prospect to become a buyer. You have to present your product or service as one that will solve their problem.

The majority of customers do not buy on impulse but go through a process before purchasing a product or service. This buying process consists of identifying needs and then finding solutions.

There are usually four stages in the buying process: awareness, interest, evaluation, and decision.

Your goal is to move your prospect from the awareness stage to the decision stage. If you can identify your prospects' pain points and understand how your products or services can solve them, you will convert these prospects into leads.

Use the Pomodoro technique

Essentially, the Pomodoro technique is a time management method based on a timer. Usually, this is done using a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato (hence the name). The objective is to focus for 25 minutes, then take a short break for 5 minutes. Then, you begin again with another 25 minutes of work and repeat.

Sales reps in call centers can use this technique to help them stay focused while on the phone with customers.

So, instead of taking long breaks between calls or worrying about whether they're working too long without a break, they can get through their calls faster and take regular intervals when needed.

Wrapping up

As we’ve shown here, there are numerous ways to use a power dialer to boost sales performance. When used correctly, this piece of technology can help your sales team optimize their time and schedule more meetings.

It can also increase their efficiency and productivity from the first phone call to the final deal. If you don’t have one yet, consider starting a trial and see what kind of difference it makes for your business.

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