Master Your Sales Follow Up

Carlos Chersia
Carlos ChersiaFebruary 22nd, 2021

Master Your Sales Follow-up

Most businesses know the importance and benefits of cold calling as part of your sales strategy. Cold calling is a superb sales strategy. It assists in growing your business, improving customer engagement and helping with product sales among other benefits. But, organisations tend to leave out an important part of the cold calling strategy.

Despite popular belief, a cold call doesn’t end when the sales agent puts down the phone. There is another, often-forgotten step: the follow-up. 44% of sales agents only make one follow-up attempt, giving up afterwards.

Mastering your sales follow-up has amazing benefits for your customer relationship management and you can implement the five follow-up methods in this article immediately.

The Importance Of Following Up After Your Cold Call

Sales follow-up, also known as lead nurturing, is a vital step to add to your customer journey. Customers and leads today prioritise personalisation in their shopping decisions and purchase journey. Only 20% of buyers would make a purchase despite an impersonal experience and 42% get annoyed when their experiences are not personalized.

Personalized customer experiences, not only draw and retain customers, they help build trust between your company and its prospects, boost consumer engagement and enhance your organization’s image.

To achieve these benefits, your organization needs to monitor the buying cycle: from search engine optimization research to determining what prospects are searching for and understanding how to improve their post-sales experience.

Benefits of Lead Nurturing: Stats Summary

  • Only 4% of customers who visit your website are ready to make a purchase.
  • Only 20% of new prospects lead to conversions.
  • 42% of customers feel prompted to make a purchase if an agent follows up at an agreed time.
  • Four out of 5 sales require approximately 5 follow-up calls.
  • “60% of customers say no four times before saying yes.”

These statistics demonstrate the importance of follow-up calls, and the impact it has on whether customers buy your products or services or not.

5 Different Ways To Follow Up

To improve your lead nurturing, here are five methods to use for your follow-ups. Calls Follow-up calls should be easier than the first cold call, but they can still cause anxiety in sales agents. There is still the stress of considering how your call will be received. Call too many times and the customer will likely get annoyed and block your calls. But give up too quickly and you may miss out on valuable future sales. So what to do?

Using a streamlined call management system can track all relevant information about a lead, including how many times an agent has contacted them.

It’s also important to consider the time-zone and customer profile of that lead. When is the best time to call them? According to Inside Sales, the best time to make follow-up calls is around 8 am and between 4 pm- 5 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Conduct research to determine the best times to contact your prospects, taking into account their work schedules and their time-zones.


A great way to make sure you catch customers when they’re free to talk, and don’t impose on their time, is to send them a brief email. For example,

How are you doing?

Can we set a time to talk again this week? How’s 10 am on Wednesday for a call?

Looking forward to our chat, [insert agent’s name] ”

Your email has to be concise yet conversational and personal for the customer. If you have already tried to contact them before, you can add a line saying so. Be friendly and thoughtful about what they may need from you.

The great thing about email follow-ups is that you can use email templates. You just need to make sure that you use templates that don’t sound too robotic or like an automated email. If you do, your prospects may be less likely to respond.


You can do pretty much the same thing with a text message as you can with an email. The plus-side is immediacy.

While many people can go for hours or even days without checking their emails, most people will glance at their phone notifications often. This means they are likely to see a text message very quickly.

Plus, you can use a template system here as well to make this process more efficient.

Social Media

What’s more personal than social media these days?

Customers share their purchases, lifestyles, choices, almost everything on social media. This makes social media a prime space for customer engagement. Retweeting, liking and following - simply engaging your customers online is important. But, you can also use social media to follow up and get reviews from them.

  • There are different ways to do this:
  • Create polls asking about products and/or services.
  • Respond to comments and tweets about your products and/or services.
  • Use DMs as you would a text or an email.
  • Share User-Generated Content from followers.


Another great way to follow up with your leads is to send useful gifts, discounts, vouchers, or coupons. With a personalized note, this is a thoughtful touch that makes your prospects feel valued. Branded items, like pens, are also excellent at keeping your company top of mind!

Whether you send the trinkets along with a note, or via email, you can use this as another opportunity to schedule a call.

Tips For Your Sales Follow-Up

Make sure the same person follows up

Consistency is critical in customer service and communicating with the same sales agent is a personal touch. Keep your customers’ information in one place and record the outcome of your sales cold calls with them.

A fantastic way to do this is to streamline your follow-up tasks using sophisticated outreach software.

This will help your sales rep stay on the ball and direct the call suitably. Lead tracking solutions can log calls, transcribe the conversation, store notes from previous communications, and track the best times to follow up.

Using this type of software and ensuring that the same reps follow up with prospects is key to a personalized, thoughtful and conversational follow-up.

Know why you’re following up

With these benefits, outreach software can also help you keep in mind the reason why you’re following up. Do not just call customers with no purpose. ‘Just touching base’ is not a good enough reason.

Go over the information you have stored on your prospect to guide you on the best way to approach the follow-up. Consider their customer profile, past purchases, your company’s customer research.

Doing this helps you get a sense of your sales team’s history with that customer, as well as what they may find beneficial from the call. You want to make the follow-up valuable for them. Giving purpose to your conversation is a practical way to do this.

Have something of value to provide for each follow-up

Another way to show the value of the follow-up is by having something to offer the prospect. Make the time and attention they give to your follow-up call worthwhile for them too.

You can offer the latest sales and discounts, or a coupon for their next purchase. It can also be as simple as providing a link to an article that you believe may be useful to them or letting them know you’re available at any time to assist them. Whatever you choose, make it worth their time.


Follow-ups are highly beneficial, yet often overlooked in most sales strategies. Following up properly and ensuring you use a customer-centric approach, is the best way to nurture leads and turn them into customers.

By giving up after one follow-up call, you miss out on building potentially long-lasting customer relationships. So, make sure that you follow-up multiple times and provide value to your prospects. Think about what they would want and offer them a more personalised experience. This will help you to build good relationships with your potential customers and improve customer loyalty for your business.

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