New: required fields and improved agent call dashboard

Jeppe Liisberg
Jeppe Liisberg
  • January 28, 2020

Required fields

Collecting and organising the right data about leads and prospects can be crucial to a business. Getting this done, however, can be a delicate matter, as you need to ask the prospects for specific information at the right time in the prospecting process. On the one hand, you need the information to do a proper lead qualification. On the other, you don't want to be asking too early, and risk pushing leads away before they trust you.

At Myphoner, we have always trusted the agent to determine when this information should be collected. However, with our customer base growing, and larger teams approaching us, we decided to offer an organised, rule-based approach.

Requiring mandatory fields to be completed before moving a lead to the next stage in the sales funnel has thus been asked for by multiple customers. This feature is now a reality, and it allows admins to set rules for when certain lead information must be present before agents can win, lose, or even set leads for follow-up.

This approach ensures crucial lead information will always get collected at the right time in the prospect's workflow.

Compact view when viewing leads

We are thrilled to add this feature to Myphoner, and we are confident that it will improve the workflow and quality of data for lots of teams out there. Whether they are providing sales qualified leads for clients or account managers or just collecting required information about leads, prospects, or customers for any reason.

Improved agent call dashboard

This week also brought a small but significant improvement to our agent call dashboard. The call panel shows assigned lists and segments, or lead queues, and provides an overview of what activity is feasibly to engage with for the agent.

Each queue is represented by a stat card, providing information about the number of enqueued leads in different states.

New to these lead queue stats are a few small changes, but with significant meaning to the individual agent:

  1. The count of leads in the queue now only includes leads currently callable. Before the change, we counted all leads enqueued, along with those scheduled for later, which could mislead agents to believe that a queue was ready to work when in fact, all the enqueued leads are scheduled for later.
  2. The number of follow-ups has been split into "follow-ups now" and "later today" to make visible how eligible a queue is to be worked.
Compact view when viewing leads
Jeppe Liisberg

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Jeppe Liisberg

I'm an entrepreneur and web developer. I've built or helped build a handful of startups.

I strongly believe in dedicated software that solves one task, but solves it really well. During my experience as an internet entrepreneur, I never found that software for cold calling, so that's why I decided to build Myphoner.

I'm very proud of what Myphoner has become, and I'm dedicated to doing everything I can to make it stay a success. That's why I greet all new customers personally and always read and reply to the feedback I get.

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