New: bulk update leads using export/import and UUIDs

Jeppe Liisberg
Jeppe Liisberg
  • December 16, 2019

Adding data for a new field, or updating the data for a single field for an entire list can be cumbersome, but recent changes allow you to do so with three easy steps:

  1. Export your list
  2. Update the column(s) in question, and delete all columns but the one you want to update and the "myphoner_uuid"-column.
  3. Import the file into the list in Myphoner - the import routine will match leads by the UUID and update the field values from the columns you left in the file.

1. Export your list

Go to Manage -> Lists and from the context menu of the list in question, choose "Export/Move".

Export a list from the context menu.

You'll be taken to the migration screen. All you need to do here is hit the red "Run now"-button in the bottom of the screen. A download link will appear at the right-hand side for you to download the list as a spreadsheet file.

Generate and download export file.

2. Update the data

Open the downloaded spreadsheet, and edit the data in the columns you wish to update. Delete the columns you don't want to update, but keep the "myphoner_uuid"-column as Myphoner uses it to determine what leads to update when we import the file again in a minute.

Edit the downloaded file.

Note: you probably want to keep one or more columns so that you can identify the records and insert the correct data in the fields that you are updating. That's no problem. You can keep any columns you like, and during import, you'll get a chance to select whether to import each of the columns left in the file or not.

3. Import the data back into Myphoner

Now you have all the updated data in the spreadsheet file, and it's time to get it updated in Myphoner. Go to Manage -> Lists and from the context menu of the list in question, choose "Import into".

Import into from the context menu.

Select your file and click on next on the file selection screen.

Now you'll get to the data mapping screen, and you'll see that Myphoner has detected the UUID field and locked to updating existing leads based on the UUID.

Check that the preview looks sane, and select "Do not import" for any columns that you do not wish to update in Myphoner. Then hit "Next" and et voila, you're done.

Map the data to update when importing.

When the import finishes, you'll receive an email with the status of the import.

Jeppe Liisberg

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Jeppe Liisberg

I'm an entrepreneur and web developer. I've built or helped build a handful of startups.

I strongly believe in dedicated software that solves one task, but solves it really well. During my experience as an internet entrepreneur, I never found that software for cold calling, so that's why I decided to build Myphoner.

I'm very proud of what Myphoner has become, and I'm dedicated to doing everything I can to make it stay a success. That's why I greet all new customers personally and always read and reply to the feedback I get.

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