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Daniel Vincent
Daniel VincentMay 12th, 2021

Most SaaS businesses tend to believe in ‘build it & they will come’ and this can be true in certain circumstances, I want to put it to you that using cold calling is going to be one of the best strategies to get the right clients that can propel your business.

Why Cold Calling Works

Many SaaS businesses will shy away from the cold call in favor of emailing from the comfort of their laptop screens. This method seems enticing since it is less expensive and requires no thinking on the spot. But, it may be less effective for your marketing campaign.

While cold calling has its challenges, it also has several benefits for your company. Cold calling helps you generate new customers through a human-centered approach. Despite the reluctance toward cold calling, 62% of buyers would like to hear from sellers when they are seeking out a solution to a problem they have.

Since reaching out to prospective clients to offer them your solution is important, you should work to improve the method of delivery. Calling leads demands an immediate response and, if done correctly, cold calling can help benefit and grow your SaaS business in many ways:

Validate Market Fit

Contacting prospects over the phone will show you whether someone is truly interested in your business or whether you are wasting your time contacting them. This form of communication also allows you to confirm whether you are targeting the right audience while building the right features.

You can start using cold calling before you’ve even developed any MVP, this is a great way to understand if your idea has a valid target audience and potential willing buyers.

Cold calling provides a direct approach with immediate results, which will help you understand what your leads are thinking and feeling about the services you offer. By being able to provide valid information on what problems your solution solves you’re able to provide value right there on a call, instead of unlimited email back & forth.

Understand Your Client Persona

Speaking one-on-one with your prospective and existing clients will help you gain a better understanding of their personalities. No matter how much market research you conduct on your target market, the reality could always be different. You can have an in-depth understanding of who your clients are on paper, yet putting a human voice to that image will always be more accurate.

In addition, you will gain valuable insights into what your prospective clients are looking for through cold calling. This strategy creates a two-way conversation since you can ask them questions. Cold calling should not be a one-way selling conversation. Rather, you want to engage your prospects and give them a platform to be heard.

This can lead to valuable insight on how you can improve your product or service and shift directions in the future if the market changes. In addition, it will help you track the leads who will respond to future calls and who would prefer to connect via email.

Generate Quality Leads For Demos And Booking Meetings

Around 82% of buyers will accept a meeting if you reach out to them first. Customers are more likely to accept meetings with people they already know, even if it is through a phone call. This means that you need to pick up the phone and meet your prospective buyers. Once they have spoken to a person, they will start to gain trust in the company.

Anyone can hide behind an email. But, once a prospect hears your voice, they will feel like they know you personally. This can help you set up more meetings and demos, and get to know your leads on a personal level. This trust is important especially for SaaS companies where face-to-face meetings are not as common.

You’re able to complete lead qualification on the call at the same time which means spending more time on quality demos with leads that have a higher chance of converting.

How Cold Calling Contributes To Business Growth

Reaching out to your potential clients personally will help grow your business by gaining the trust of your consumer base. When they know who they are dealing with, they will be more likely to respond to your marketing campaigns and contact methods. You can grow your SaaS company with cold calling, since the truth is, two-thirds of buyers still answer cold calls.

Uber co-founder, Travis Kalanick, had a three out of ten success rate from cold calling when he was starting the business. This proves the importance of cold calling at the right time.

Cold emails are a less intrusive way to start the initial contact with a client. However, these can easily get lost or forgotten by the client. Additionally, it won’t matter how snappy, smart, or funny an email is if left unopened.

Ad campaigns are another effective way to create awareness about your company. Yet, this is an expensive avenue to follow and your budget may not afford this in the early stages of the business.

Ultimately, it’s best to include cold calling in your sales strategy. You can also implement dual approaches to initiate contact with your leads and gain better results.


Since many buyers may be wary of cold calls, it is important to pay attention to the technique you use when implementing this marketing strategy into your business model.

Cold calling can help your SaaS business grow if you take the time to implement it correctly and use effective tools, like Myphoner, to make the whole process easier.

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