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Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent
  • June 30, 2021

It's expected that once the pandemic is in the rearview mirror, the majority of people who worked from home would want to continue to do so in some capacity.

The jury is out on how significant the impact will be in the long term, but we know that WFH has many benefits, and there are some pitfalls, especially in industries that have been slower to adopt such a framework.

The sales industry has primarily based in offices where managers can actively see and work with sales teams. Heck, I fondly remember the joys of ringing the big brass bell whenever I made a sale or turning to a colleague to ask a quick question during a client call.

Working from home has created challenges from training & coaching employees to distributing work and managing deliverables.

There are enough articles out there that focus on the positives or negatives of WFH, and we're not going to be focusing on that in this article. If that's what you are looking for, instead check out these great articles:

  • Working remotely can help you save money in more ways than you'd expect & it's more environmentally friendly, according to flexjobs.
  • Wrike details the challenges that employees face while working remotely, such as technical & security issues. They give some great tips on how to handle them and more.

What I'm going to be focusing on today is how Myphoner helps you to run a remote sales team efficiently.

Myphoner WFH

The fact that Myphoner is 100% web-based (& we have a nifty mobile app for calling) means that we've always been great for remote work. Enabling managers to easily upload leads and distribute them to sales agents while simply creating one voice using features such as email templates & scripts.

While speaking with clients over the last year, many have remarked how easy it was for them to go from an office to a home environment with minimal to no differences to their sales teams and workflows.

Tyler from Monsido remarked during a discussion that "instead of working from the office, we moved our work stations to our houses, so nothing really changed". Check out our case study on Monsido to read some more great insights.

"instead of working from the office, we moved our work stations to our houses, so nothing really changed."

Tyler Yezerski, Monsido

There have, of course, been challenges, and through discussions, we've realised that we would need to create tools to help facilitate a larger remote working environment. If you look at our latest features such as time-tracking, live monitoring & Cloud VoIP, you'll notice how they all facilitate easier management of teams working from home.

(You can read more about these features on our Power Dialer page)

Live Monitoring

Being able to see what sales agents are doing in real-time helps managers make sure that agents are keeping focused and reducing the nag effect agents can sometimes feel when asked to report on what they've been doing and when.

Along with live monitoring, managers can listen in to live calls and whisper (talk to agents without the lead hearing in). This increases efficiency and effectiveness in coaching and helps onboard new agents quickly, providing peace of mind to managers and agents alike.

Cloud VoIP

All you need to use Myphoner Voice is a stable internet connection and a good headset. Whether you are sitting at your desk in an office or on the couch at home, Myphoner Voice gives crystal clear quality with a ton of functionality.

Now with Inbound & IVR capability, there is no need for expensive in-house VoIP servers and connections. Your team can remotely handle all calls with ease while providing managers with transparency in cost and scalability. Agents can use the same company numbers to make and receive calls no matter where they are based or which device they are using.

Time Tracking

Managers can often find it difficult to quantify how much time agents spend on tasks, whether it's cold calling, admin or nurturing clients. With our robust time tracking, managers can see exactly how much time each team member spends on day-to-day tasks.

With a combination of automated and manual time tracking, clients can have peace of mind that agents aren't wasting time and ensure that the information is accurate to the last second.

Easily Distribute

It's simple to distribute leads among teams either manually or automatically depending on campaigns and your unique company's needs, using tools such as Segments, the Queue & List Options. Check out our page on Lead routing and distribution for more.

Robust Reporting & Oversight

Our reporting tools give supervisors, coaches and managers complete oversight into how each agent performs, be it on a day to day basis, quarterly or yearly. With our agent report configurations, you can easily see the essential metrics to only your teams.

Our list reports provide a complete understanding of how different campaigns are doing, all with a click of a button no matter the time of day. No more standing meetings talking about metrics and campaign performance, just the facts.


As you can see, Myphoner is well placed to be used within a distributed sales team no matter if they are in an office, at home or travelling. We are here to help facilitate your business and workflow with our ever-evolving feature set, which is designed to increase your ROI and make more sales!

Daniel Vincent

Written by

Daniel Vincent

I'm Daniel! Head of Customer Success here at Myphoner. Over the past (almost) decade, I've worked with multi-national corporations as well as a handful of start-ups to transform their support experience into something truly exceptional.

At Myphoner, I spend most of my time trying to understand our client's experience and thinking of ways to improve it. My wish is for all our clients to be enabled to unleash the power of Myphoner within their businesses.

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