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5 Tips for Using People’s Names Gracefully

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Every sales person knows that it’s a good idea to develop rapport by addressing people by name when you call them. There are pitfalls, however, if you do this in an awkward, intrusive or repetitive way.

You’ve undoubtedly had the experience of dealing with a pushy salesperson who inserts your name into almost every sentence, and your natural reaction was probably to pull back and feel irritated or resistant. Here’s a guide to building rapport with your sales leads by using their names gracefully and organically in your phone conversations.


This month in myphoner: September/October 2016

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As myphoner is growing we’ve been busy expanding the team, reviewing and optimizing several obstacles to new users, including streamlining the sign up process and inviting agents into your account.

Many new users also mean much more feedback, and we’ve been doing our best to keep up with all the great ideas and requests for improvements. Some has already been done and is described below, the rest is being brought up and re-prioritized on every sprint planning (every two weeks). Our current plans is publicly available so you can check out what’s coming!


How to Diffuse a Negative Situation on the Phone

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Cold calling can be a wonderful way to reach new customers and interact with an audience you might not otherwise be able to contact. But it can also mean having to communicate with all types of personalities.

Not having the benefit of a face-to-face interaction where you can better read each other’s body language and tone can sometimes lead to customers getting heated or angry, which is one of the biggest challenges in the customer service industry. If you are involved in customer relationship management and cold calling, here are some of the best ways you can try to diffuse a negative situation on the phone.


Master Tone of Voice to Become a Leading Sales Rep

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How to convey empathy, honesty and enthusiasm over the phone.

Quality B2B sales leads are more valuable than ever because of the increasingly challenging nature of current sales lead generation. Traditional cold calling focused on using those leads to simply push a product or service in pursuit of a sale, but today’s B2B selling environment is very different.


This month in myphoner: June 2016

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We’ve been working on making already great features even better, as well as stabilizing the platform and streamlining incident handling.

We’re excited to note that myphoner is turning into a highly reliable, full-featured, scalable platform. This post tells you a bit about some of the most interesting things we’ve been working on lately.


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