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Why You Should Still Use Cold Calling to Reach New Customers

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Unlike online platforms, the phone call adds a personal touch that lets prospects know an engaged individual is taking the time to speak with them

Since the purpose of the cold call is not to sell but to lay the groundwork with a potential new client, that personal touch is essential. Far from being outdated, the cold call helps establish long-term relationships. Keep these benefits of cold calling in mind when planning your sales strategy.


This month in myphoner: February 2017

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It has been a quiet winter in myphoner. But spring is slowly coming, and new features are being launched!

We have spent our winters mostly doing chores like updating our billing system, revising plans, bugfixes, scaling etc.

However, we have also managed to create some new features that we’ve wanted to build for a long time – email templates.

We have also updated the existing functionality, including prioritisation new leads at the top of the queue, resetting follow ups, filtering by claimee when migrating, adding segment filters on categories as well as a brand new Zapier app in beta.


This month in myphoner: November 2016

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We’ve revisited the upload and list creation experience during the past month, giving it some love and adding a few important and much sought-after features.

Being able to use a set of default fields or even another list as a template when creating or importing a new list has been one of the most asked-for features for quite some time. It’s finally here, and it’s better than we imagined!


Introducing: PieSync Integrations

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Today saw myphoner’s official launch on PieSync.

Something I once thought a really tough technical problem has apparently been seamlessly solved by the team at PieSync – and today we’re proud to annouce myphoner’s availbility on the PieSync platform!


5 Reasons Cold Calling Still Works

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Cold calling has been around for decades. Some business experts have predicted that the cold call would eventually disappear because of all the online options that are currently available when looking for sales leads. But finding potential customers and actually making a connection are two separate things.

Sometimes making a successful connection can only be accomplished through a direct contact. The following are five reasons cold calling still works and why it should be part of every company’s sales strategy.


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