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The 4 Tools of a Successful Cold Caller

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Cold calling is a major part of the lead development process. Successful cold callers are constantly reviewing new tools to help them find success.

There’s not one sales management tool that fits all of the processes of a sales organization. To get a perfect fit, you need to use multiple, specialized tools and make them work together.


News and product updates - September 2017

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Revised billing, improved duplicate detection, new user dashboard and new compact view for lists.

Stay updated about the latest and greatest updates, improvements and new features to myphoner.

This time we revised the billing to be more fair, improved the engine behind our duplicate detection to be faster and more reliable, as well as a few improvements to the interface and user experience.


Why You're Not Succeeding With Cold Calls

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Everyone tried this: even your best sales lead generation efforts are falling flat, and you are about to give up. But failure is success in progress.

Anyone can develop strong cold-calling skills to energize their sales and turn failure to success.

The key is to analyze your cold-calling efforts and focus on ways to improve your approach.


5 Tips for Improving Your Cold Calling Skills

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Make cold calling work for you by conducting the right type of preparation and improving your cold call skills.

A cold call is a direct way of introducing yourself and your company to people who need your products or services. These five tips will help you establish a human connection with prospective customers, which can result in more sales leads and long-term customer relationships.


News and product updates - March 2017

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New Zapier App, Gmail and Outlook 365 integrations

We have long been working on a new API, and now we have used that new API to build an improved version of our Zapier integration.

We also built custom integrations for Gmail and Outlook 365 so that you can connect your email account and send follow up emails from you myphoner email templates, directly from the lead view, through your Gemail or Outlook 365 account.


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