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Beyond the Conversion

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What happens once you’ve made the sale?

Client onboarding begins.

In this article, we’re going to delve into the flexibility of our integration potential by showing you how you can use Zapier to connect Myphoner with Process Street.


Yet another "Five steps to get started with cold calling"

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A lot has been said about the art of cold calling and, while some make it sound easy, I’m not going to – it’s hard work.

When people come to me and say that something is too hard and that they are about to give up, I usually show them a particularly inspiring motivational speech by Shia LaBeouf.

This post is inspired by that video.


News and product updates - February 2018

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Latest and greatest in myphoner: Quick access menus and in-app alerts for due leads.

We’ve had quite a few users ask for easier navigation back to the lead they just worked. Likewise, a lot of you have been asking for in-app notifications of due leads, so that you would be notified even when not using the unified queue.

With the two new quick access menus, you get all this and more.


News and product updates - January 2018

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Support for grouping leads in companies. Easy overview of other leads from the same company.

Now you can view the colleagues of the lead you are looking at. We added support for companies, in the sense that leads are grouped for an easy overview in the “Colleagues”-tab in the lead view.


News and product updates - December 2017

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Configure date and time format, easier time picker for follow-up selection, better agent management and more.

It’s December and we have a few gifts ready for you. Many have asked for better support for US date and time formats, and now we have it for you. And for all of you it’s now easier than ever to select the follow-up time when you have finished calling a lead. We also have som good news for those of you who manage a lot of agents, and for those who need to know if a lead exists in a list they do not have access to.


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