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Adam Henshall
Adam HenshallAugust 3rd, 2018

Myphoner makes cold calling and sales outreach easier than ever.

But what happens once you’ve made the sale?

Client onboarding begins.

In this article, we’re going to delve into the flexibility of our integration potential by showing you how you can use Zapier to connect Myphoner with Process Street.

Process Street gives you the ability to have a process driven onboarding flow to achieve consistency and best results each time.

This integration will tie the successes of your sales team to the workflows of your customer happiness team.

Through effective client onboarding you can make sure all of your users know how to make the most of your platform or services to meet their needs. This increases the value you generate for them, increasing the chances of upsell and managing churn in the process.

Why client onboarding matters

Whether you’re an online business or an offline one, the happiness of your customers is paramount.

Effective client onboarding can be a key driver of the success of your customers by achieving a few key goals:

  • Helping your client fully understand your services
  • Teaching your client the best way to either use your services or communicate with your team
  • Managing client expectations in order to avoid dissatisfied customers.

If you’re an SaaS company, one of the most important parts of the onboarding process is teaching a new customer how to use your service. If they don’t understand its key purpose and its various functions, they’ll struggle to employ it to generate maximum value for them.

This can lead to high levels of churn as SaaS customers are often not tied in to long contracts. Demonstrating your product’s value as quickly as possible so that it can help solve the client’s problem from the beginning is vital to retaining that customer for longer periods of time.

The same is true for other kinds of companies.

A software development studio, for example, will agree a brief with a client and want to work with the client to bring the product to life.

Yet, as much as the sales process might stress the importance of agile methodologies or other such work practices, it’s common for problems in communication to occur throughout the development process.

A new client needs to be onboarded in a way which educates the client of how the working methodology functions, what software will be used for reporting and managing the project, and what kind of obstacles and difficulties are realistic to experience during periods of development.

Throughout an effective onboarding process, clients are taught how to gain maximum value from the services you are offering.

This is good for the client and it’s good for you. It’s a no-brainer.

Integrating Myphoner with Process Street

This integration will serve to automatically run a client onboarding process for a marketing agency within Process Street when a lead is moved to a list called Closed within the Myphoner platform.

Through doing this, we can automate elements of the communication between the salesperson and the person responsible for onboarding. This also increases the levels of process adherence by making sure the process is run every single time.

This is the checklist we’re going to integrate with: Client Onboarding Process for a Marketing Agency, embedded below.

And this is how we’ll piece the whole jigsaw together:

Step 1: Choose Myphoner as your Trigger

Select Myphoner as your Trigger app and New Winner as your specific Trigger.

Step 2: Connect your Myphoner account

Go to MyPreferences which you can find in the top right dropdown of your Myphoner dashboard. From here go to Credentials and click Generate API key.

Then enter your API key into the Zapier popup box and your subdomain for your Myphoner account.

Step 3: Connect your Myphoner list

Use the dropdown in Zapier to connect to one of your lists within Myphoner. Make sure this list is populated within your Myphoner account and declare one of the leads in that list a Winner so that Zapier has plenty of sample data to work with.

Step 4: Pull in samples to make sure it works

Simply click Load in Samples to test the connection. Then select which of the sample data presented you want to work with.

Step 5: Choose Process Street as your Action app

Choose Process Street as the Action and Create Checklist as the specific action.

Step 6: Connect your Process Street account

Go into your Organization manager screen in your Process Street account and click on Settings & API. Here you should find a button to generate an API key which you can then post into Zapier.

Step 7: Configure your Process Street Action

We’ve chosen to connect the template: Client Onboarding Process for a Marketing Agency. Then we’ve configured the set up so that every checklist run from this template is named according to the name of the client company.

I’ve also added our Process Street user, Don Draper, to this checklist. This means that every time the checklist is run Don will be notified in his Process Street Inbox and he can bring his wealth of expertise to the onboarding stage.

You can also do further configurations to pull client data from Myphoner to automatically appear in the Process Street checklist on this screen too.

Step 8: Test your zap!

Now you have everything set up, test your zap with your sample data and check it’s working.

Congratulations, you’re now a process oriented business!

Let us know about your favorite zaps and any other integrations you’d love to see detailed!

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