Master Tone of Voice to Become a Leading Sales Rep

Jeppe Liisberg
Jeppe LiisbergAugust 16th, 2016

Quality B2B sales leads are more valuable than ever because of the increasingly challenging nature of current sales lead generation. Traditional cold calling focused on using those leads to simply push a product or service in pursuit of a sale, but today’s B2B selling environment is very different.

Opening a Dialogue

If one accepts the idea that the real aim of cold calling is to open dialogue, the focus quickly shifts to creating connections. An article in Entrepreneur highlights the importance of seeking such connections when it says, "Whether through online research or during the phone call itself, you should try to find a personal connection with your prospects."

Since cold calling is quite challenging, many salespeople abandon the practice in favor of email. The ease with which B2B emails are sent out so easily is seductive -- especially when contrasted with the challenges of modern-day cold calling discussed in a National Association of Sales Professionals article. However, emailing is often easy but ineffective.

When cold calling creates a real human connection, both individuals decide to invest time and effort in one another. This often leads to bonds that join the parties in important ways. Long-lasting clients grow sales and build one's brand, and they often generate the best sales leads of all -- referrals.

Insights From Research

The idea that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal comes from Dr. Albert Mehrabian's groundbreaking research. He continues his work to this day as Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA. Specifically, Dr. Mehrabian concluded that 55 percent of one-to-one communication occurs through facial expressions and body language, while another 38 percent comes from the way a person speaks. Only seven percent of communication occurs is related to the words one uses.

Such research supports the common idea that, "It's not what you say, but how you say it." In a highly visual age, the importance of tone and imagery during a phone call is even more important. Remove the 55 percent of communication attributed to visual cues, and it's easy to see how important tone and voice are. The 38 percent of communication related to how you speak is more than five times as important as the actual words you use.

Tone of Voice

Of course, facial expressions and body language are unavailable during cold calling. Over the phone, conveying empathy, honesty and enthusiasm is largely accomplished through these verbal tools:

  • Inflection
  • Pace
  • Modulation

Add inflection to the right words]( to come across as more passionate and therefore more convincing. Likewise, a high-pitched, emphatic tone suggests enthusiasm, while the right pace or cadence offers understanding. Those speaking in a plodding manner come across as tired or disinterested, and rapid-fire deliveries are also problematic because they suggest nervousness or hucksterism.

Finally, voice modulation is also important. A voice that rises and falls at the right times shows engagement and interest, while a monotone voice suggests boredom.

You should aim to master inflection, pace and modulation to convey a positive attitude. Strike the right tone, and the chances increase that your prospects will be intrigued by this empathetic, upbeat person they've encountered. Also, don't underestimate how attractive the prospect of a warm connection might be to someone facing challenges on the job or at home.

The sales professional who masters verbal communication gains a real advantage. The fact that salespeople often struggle with cold calling creates an opening for those who invest time and effort to master the necessary skills.

The Myphoner Solution

Myphoner promotes lead nurturing via real connections with real people.

As a sales lead app, it presents the next best sales leads to call via intelligent queuing and offers a power dialer for efficiency and distraction-free calling.

The next time you're tapping your sales leads database, remain aware of the importance of the inflection, pace and modulation of your communication.

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