Do Predictive Dialers Lead To More Sales?

Daniel Vincent
Daniel VincentJune 16th, 2021

A predictive dialer, sometimes referred to as a robo-dialer or an auto-dialer, is an outbound call processing and managing system that connects leads with agents.

This cold calling software automatically dials multiple phone numbers simultaneously. Then, it directs the answered calls to live agents based on machine learning about when an agent will likely be available to take the call.

Is this an efficient way to generate more sales, or has it taken automation too far?

The Pros and Cons Of Predictive Dialers

Main positive features of predictive dialers

Predictive dialers limit the time agents spend waiting between calls and reduce the number of calls answered when no agent is available.

For large call centers with over fifty agents, predictive dialers could equal higher productivity. This is because it prioritizes keeping agents on the phone.

A predictive dialer can detect no-answer calls, voicemail, answering machines, and fake or busy numbers. It can skip those and then only route the live calls to agents, thereby saving time.

Because agents don’t have to dial numbers and wait for dial then ringing tones, it increases the number of productive calls the center makes per day. So, the call center can make more calls in a day.

Main negative features of predictive dialers

Built-in reporting covers both records of all calls made (abandoned or otherwise) as well as the call agents’ performance.

The efficiency of predictive dialers relies on machine learning. This means it can take a long time to get the perfect ratio between connected calls and available agents. Customers will quickly drop a call if they have to wait to be connected to an agent.

A predictive dialer system is complicated. As such, managers would need extensive training to make the most out of predictive diallers for their teams. Talking about teams, predictive dialers are best suited to call centers with more than ten agents. They are built to be most effective with large teams and huge databases.

One of the biggest drawbacks of predictive dialers is they are not suited to companies that place a premium on customer experience, where every contact and conversation demonstrates that the company is aware of the customer’s needs.

Nor is it a solution for those selling high-value items where the quality of conversations and call center etiquette are of the utmost importance.

Due to its highly automated nature of dialing multiple numbers at once, predictive dialers don’t give agents or sales reps the opportunity to prioritize nor analyze leads.

Predictive dialer use is not illegal. But, according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), calls placed from auto-dialers to wireless telephone numbers, including from predictive dialers, without pre-established consent from the call recipient, are against the law. It should be noted that laws are different depending on countries and different jurisdictions as well as purpose such as B2B & B2C.

Predictive Dialer vs Myphoner Power Dialer

Both predictive and power dialers are automated cold calling dialers. However, a predictive dialer is more suited to low-quality databases with large volumes. As explained above, it will dial more than one contact per agent in the hopes of connecting someone (anyone) with an answered call. This makes predictive dialers not ideal for B2B sales.

A power dialer, on the other hand, has a 1:1 dialing ratio. This means the software only dials one lead at a time for each available agent. In turn, this ensures higher connection rates.

Our power dialer offers a queue that manages lead distribution among multiple agents. This makes it the perfect customer relationship management (CRM) solution for smaller teams, freelancers, sales agents, and B2B campaigns.

Tools that improve agents’ efficiency include auto-dial and intelligent retry as well as CRM software that enables:

  • lead tracking
  • scheduling to organize follow-ups
  • email communication
  • campaign management
  • call-time monitoring

All the information is in one place, making cold calling easier and more effective than ever.

Finally, Myphoner allows you to connect to over 2,000 apps and services through cutting-edge point-and-click API integration. These include Outlook, Gmail, and Zapier, which helps to automate workflows.

And, did we mention built-in call recording, accessible performance insights, and activity reports? With our power dialer and all its features and tools, you can easily increase productivity and sales.

Why Myphoner Does Not Have A Predictive Dialer

Call center trends for 2021 focus strongly on customer satisfaction, improved customer experience, and refined service, with the ultimate aim of growing an organization’s sales. In line with this and away from impersonalized, automated calls, Myphoner is the perfect personal cold calling solution.

Myphoner, a power dialer as opposed to a predictive dialer, enables agents (not an algorithm) to look at leads one by one, which allows for research and understanding who the lead is before calling.

Once a call has ended, a new lead can be auto-dialed (if enabled). This means that a call is initiated only when an agent is ready to speak to the next prospective or existing customer. It allows the agent to focus on their conversations and making sales rather than dialing or picking which leads to contact next. By cutting out manual work, your agents can be more productive.

These built-in elements improve the agent’s chance of establishing a relationship with the customer and converting the lead into a sale. At the same time, it prevents calls from being missed due to delays when an agent is on another call.

For more detail on why you should choose Myphoner Voice see our dedicated blog article.


Call centers are increasingly tapping technology to improve operational efficiency. At the same time, customers are frustrated with the typical robo-style cold calling techniques employed by predictive dialers. This necessitates a more human-centered approach.

By investing in power dialer software, agents can keep up a brisk pace of work by letting the dialer handle the dialing process. This way, they can focus on making sales. Ultimately, using a power dialer leads to increased efficiency, better lead management, personalized customer service, and higher sales conversions. Win-win all around.

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