Capture and track leads with myphoner

Easily feed sales leads from different sources into your pipeline for following up

myphoner offers a simple outbound lead tracking solution through its unique cold calling workflow. Combined with a wide range of marketing tool integrations, it's easy to feed new leads from your marketing campaigns into trackable channels, through which you can follow up by telephone or email.

Example of how creating new leads in myphoner is done through Zapier.

Capture Leads Through Marketing Tool Integrations

Through, myphoner provides easy integration of more than 1,000 services and tools.

When deciding on and setting up a new lead tracking system, it’s essential to make sure you are easily able get leads from all different sources into the pipeline: whether generated from social media, a webpage, email or others.

With Zapier, you can connect your lead generation source with myphoner in just a few clicks. New leads will then be automatically transferred into myphoner.

For more in-depth descriptions, please refer to our getting started guide on integrations.

Even us sales guys can figure out how to make this work. I generally do not like to use CRMs for cold calling because they are just too clunky and tracking too many things that don't matter for unqualified leads. The myphoner tool provides a much simpler, faster interface for doing cold calling, and combined with Zapier ends up purely saving time.

Personalised campaign dashboard in myphoner.

Organise your Leads in Lists

In myphoner, we group leads into lists - a simple way to keep your data organised.

You can view lists as campaigns, steps in your pipeline or any other term that accommodates the way you work with leads.

One way of organising leads that are being tracked from different lead generation sources is to create a single list for each lead source.

In our reports, you will then be able to compare the performance and activity on each list of leads separately.

During prospecting, you can move leads through different lists that comprise the steps of your pipeline, as you see fit.

Myphoner, is my favorite CRM so far. I have used several different CRM's and Myphoner is convenient and really helps you get and stayed organized. The tracking is great, the automation is amazing and I use it everyday.

Segments are easily created and maintained in myphoner.

Use segments to fine tune your workflow.

Using our lead segmentation functionality, you can handle several marketing campaigns that each span multiple sources.

To do this, just have myphoner collect leads from each campaign into a corresponding list, marking them with their source and then segment the list by source.

Segments in myphoner are very powerful. You can segment based on multiple criteria and delegate each segment to different agents.

I just started cold calls with my business a week ago and have already found an immense value in implementing Myphoner. It only took one day of looking at the fifty spreadsheets I had divided by states to know that there had to be an options to help me save time and money. Myphoner has been the easy answer for all of my problems.

Viewing your personal, prioritised queue of leads to call.

Distributing Leads among Agents - "The Queue"

Once you have organised your incoming leads, myphoner’s queue will take care of the rest.

When there are multiple agents, the queueing system will make sure each agent gets the next lead in the queue - except those that have been claimed or are currently being called by other agents.

Claimed leads are those that have been reached by an agent and should thus be followed up on by that same agent. Our claiming settings are flexible and adjustable, and have sensible defaults.

Our queue provides dynamic lead distribution, which has proved to work well for hundreds of teams. Of course, it is also entirely possible to divide leads into more lists and/or segments and assign agents one list each - a more traditional form of lead distribution.

I looked around for a program for weeks, everything was busy and full of unnecessary functionality, I finally found MyPhoner, and it is the most efficient cold calling platform ever!! you can have multiple agents working from the same data list, it really is great!

Scheduling a call back.

Following Up

Never again forget to follow up on a prospect.

Persistent followups are crucial to success, but remembering to follow up should be the work of a machine, not an agent. That's why we've baked it right in to our scheduler.

To be productive, you - as an agent - must ensure that you never miss a lead. Leads should be presented so that you can put your energy into the sales pitch, rather than worrying about whether there was a better lead to call.

The myphoner queueing system inspires confidence – it selects the best lead, determining which you should call next. No need to go fishing for leads ever again.

You, the agent, decide whether the followup should occur on a particular day, at a specific time or after a set amount of time has passed.

That means, if a prospect responds with, “Yes, let’s catch up at 2 o’clock, after lunch”, then you simply set the followup for exactly at 2pm. This is called a scheduled lead.

However, if a prospect asks, “Can you get back to me sometime next month?”, you would then schedule the followup to occur after 1 month from that date. This is called a postponed lead.

myphoner queues the followups according to the types of leads, with scheduled leads taking precedence over postponed leads. You’ll be notified of scheduled leads, whereas postponed leads will simply be moved to the top of your queue when their time has come.

The scheduling feature is amazing! can't tell you the amount of times I forgot to call back numbers just using an excel sheet

Example of how moving new winners from myphoner to your CRM is done through Zapier.

Taking Winning Leads to the Next Step

Once converted, you can pass won leads on to your corporate CRM, or elsewhere.

It’s just like bringing new leads in through integrations.

Though we have features in place to function as a light-weight CRM system, it's likely that you want to pass won leads on to the rest of the organisation.

Once again using Zapier, you can trigger the creation of a new customer, deal or opportunity in your CRM as soon as a lead is marked as "Winner" in the last step of your pipeline.

With PieSync, you can also synchronise a list in myphoner with your CRM. That way, the sales agent can keep the conversation going from myphoner, while the rest of the organisation follows along from a different system.

Again, for more in-depth descriptions, please refer to our getting started guide on integrations.

We were looking for call-software solution that could integrate seamlessly with our CRM. We use myphoner for the pre-qualification process. All suspects en prospects are in myphoner and whenever the contact becomes a lead or a lost, we automatically send it to our CRM and run (marketing) campaigns on these contacts. If you are looking for software that can integrate and communicate with your CRM this is the way to go.

Myphoner offers several different sales reports. Here's an example of a detailed report.

Keeping Track with Activity Reports

With our powerful sales reports, you can easily track activity and calls at all times. You can scope the report by several parameters, including agent, call result and timeframe. This makes it easy to, for example, investigate what happened with all the calls Tom made today that resulted in a lost lead.

  • Group calls by date, campaign, agent and result of call
  • See average and summed call duration
  • Download to Excel
  • Expand to see individual leads for any grouping
  • Sort any grouping and see subtotals
  • See the number of calls in each group
  • Printer friendly

For more on our reporting features, please see Sales Reports in myphoner.

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