Cold Calling Resources

The best resources about cold calling we have collected so far.

This list features tools, articles and services complementing myphoner and/or helping you get started selling.

Voip Providers

Voice over IP service providers are the guys who give you a phone number and charge you when calling other phones.
Make sure the provider you choose can call phones in the countries you are going to call.

Please tell us if you know of a provider that we should list here.

International providers



Voip Dialers

Voice over IP dialers are telephones you can install on your computer and/or on your smartphone and tablet. A dialer need to be configured with credentials from a service provider before it can call regular telephone numbers.

Please let us know if you are using a dialer that we should list here.


headreach is a lead generation tool that help you find find the right decision makers with the right data, including:

  • Up-to-date data
  • Company phone numbers
  • Social profiles
  • 80% email find success rate


Snitcher show which companies visit your website and let you download or transfer them as leads to myphoner.

  • link your website's Google Analytics profile.
  • analyse your traffic in real-time.
  • view and download or transfer leads directly to myphoner
  • includes phone numbers

Salgsgruppen (Sales Group)

Salgsgruppen is sales process and lead generation consultancy who can help with:

  • setting up myphoner to fit your optimal cold calling workflow
  • lead generation, feeding new leads into myphoner
  • email marketing campaigns, feeding follow-ups into myphoner

Please note that their website is in Danish, but they speak english and can help you regardless of your location.


Pipetop is a live database of consumer brands and e-commerce businesses, it's useful if you want to:

  • find and segment within Brands & E-Commerce Businesses
  • reduce your lead generation and research time
  • pin point your most lucrative potential markets
  • predictably expand to new markets