Cold calling software for sales teams

A lightweight sales CRM that'll make you

Simply efficient. Effortlessly plan and execute cold calling campaigns. Say no to feature bloated CRMs and unmanageable spreadsheets. Today.

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Myphoner provides complete transparency on how each agent is performing and how effective our campaigns are.
Eric Elming, Sales Manager — Skyepack


more efficient while maintaining the same quality.

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What we do

Lead management that just works

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Get started with minimal effort. Experiment and change your approach as needed. Scale your sales team with ease.

For Sales Teams
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Easily manage multiple outbound campaigns across clients. Onboard, coach and track your remote sales team in one platform.

For Telemarketing Businesses
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Get a FREE single-user account. Work the way that suits you and get into a flow state, increasing your productivity & growing your pipeline.

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Why Myphoner

Solutions that meet your unique needs

Designed for sales teams

Our mission is to provide a superior workflow for sales agents and their team.

We strongly believe in designing for simplicity. What we do will work well for most out-of-the-box, but you can tweak almost everything if you need to. And what is outside the scope of what we do best, we leave to others through easy integrations.

We've built Myphoner on this foundation, designing first and foremost for the sales agents and their teams. We're sure you'll agree that we succeeded in this mission.

    Stay in control

    Our laser focus on agent performance doesn't mean we do not provide tooling for managers. We know that the right insight is crucial to agent success.

    With Myphoner, you get a complete overview of how your agents are doing. We give you complete control of your outbound campaigns.

    Our reporting has all you need to stay on top of things, looking out for your team, identifying top performers and helping onboard newcomers.

    We let you configure key reports to match the KPIs of your organization and give you live updated performance comparison charts.

      Easy and simple - yet advanced

      We've seen it over and over again. Monolith software systems that CAN do everything, but don't because it becomes too complex to make it fit even the most basic workflow.

      Myphoner is the opposite. Our passion is building advanced software for a specific purpose, keeping complexity under the hood, giving users a simple and easy to use interface.

      In other words, our solution lets agents focus on the sales conversation in a distraction-free workflow.

      If all you desire is to talk to your potential customers, Myphoner is for you. Without the chores of a CRM or the hassles of a spreadsheet, you'll soon find Myphoner to be the primary tool in your toolbox.

        Freedom of choice

        With Myphoner you don't bind yourself to our dialer and our rates.

        The software works with any softphone installed on your computer and integrates with several VOIP and SMS providers.

        We even give you a mobile app that let you use your cell subscription for calls.

        And of course, you always have the choice of our world-class integrated power dialer with no installation, extra features and competitive rates.

        The freedom of choice is your guarantee that we provide the best possible rates to any destination.

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          Simple lead tracking solution through a unique cold calling workflow.

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          Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.
          How we do it

          Features and usage at a glance


          Myphoner is a fresh new take on how software for cold calling campaigns and following up on prospects should be done. Its intuitive interface and crisp language brings a smile to your face.

          Lead Tracking in Myphoner

          Claiming and locking leads makes it easy for your entire team to work on the same list of leads. Aditionally, each list can be assigned to one or more agents.

          Lead Routing in Myphoner

          Dial through a list of leads with efficiency and ease. Use the Myphoner power dialer to call the next lead in your queue automatically with no delay.

          The Myphoner Power Dialer

          Running an agency with multiple clients? Create separate silos for each client, where other clients' data and settings do not interfere.

          Myphoner Client Silos

          Create email templates to let your agents quickly send consistent, typo-free follow-up emails.

          Email Templates in Myphoner

          Easily manage duplicate leads as you go or when you have imported your leads. Get a complete report and handle duplicates when it suits you.

          Lead Deduplication in Myphoner

          Myphoner lets you segment your leads by any attribute and distribute segments to your agents. It's super easy to set up and blazing fast.

          Lead Segmentation in Myphoner

          SMS enables you to reach leads anywhere at any time. Using SMS among other channels of communication, we let you engage with your leads in ways that suit them, all within the Myphoner platform.

          Myphoner SMS

          We know you need to do more than cold calling, and we let you do it your way by connecting to almost anyone using Zapier, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Sendgrid and Zoho CRM.

          Myphoner Integrations

          This was exactly what I was looking for. All of the other lead management tools are bloated with features. Myphoner looks so much better and took about 5 minutes to learn and start using.

          Myphoner helped us increase our call conversion rates by 25% as we scaled our remote teams throughout MENA. We can now measure the performance of our outbound campaigns with much more ease and efficiency.

          Myphoner is a must have for cold calling. It's one of the most simple and efficient tools I have ever worked with. The few times I had questions the customer service helped me out in minutes!

          Get started in minutes. 14 days free trial on all plans.

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