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Our efficient outbound telemarketing solutions unify a lightweight CRM with a workflow tailored specifically to telemarketing. Use in-browser, no installation needed.

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Myphoner offre une transparence totale sur les performances de chaque agent et sur l'efficacité de nos campagnes.
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Grow your sales and eliminate noise

Myphoner is a great telemarketing software for cold calling. Using our telemarketing solutions, sales teams get a lightweight CRM, lead queue, and power dialer all wrapped into a single telemarketing app.

Our telemarketing tools include automated dialing that enables you to schedule follow-ups. Benefit from outbound telemarketing resources like call recording, performance analytics, and activity reports.

Best of all, Myphoner offers competitive worldwide calling rates making it perfect for in-house sales teams and agencies alike. Join them to start increasing your call performance and save time on dead leads.

VoIP Pricing

Try Myphoner Voice - our built in VoIP solution.

Included in all paid plans

1 free number from US, UK, or Canada.
Additional phone numbers are subject to an additional charge.

Call recording baked right into the platform.

Voicemail drop saves you time and delivers a consistent pitch.

Intelligent retry strategies increase call rates significantly with auto-dispositioning.

Free 14-day trial on subscription.
Calls are prepaid and requires credit card or PayPal.

Start calling today! Pay for what you use, no binding and no extra call fees.


Freedom of choice

Prefer to use another means of calling? Myphoner Voice is optional, and you can bring your own provider instead.


Call recordings included

Record calls for free if you like. Depending on your plan, we retain call recordings for up to 90 days.


Worldwide coverage

Call from anywhere to everywhere. We cover the whole wide world with premium quality and service.


Local numbers

Get local numbers in 60+ countries. We help you signal trust and get more connected calls.


Cancel anytime

Just stop using Myphoner Voice if you don’t need it – no binding and no hidden fees.


Money back

Use any remaining credits when renewing your subscription or get a refund if you cancel it.

Myphoner Voice rates

Select a destination to view the rates.


How does Myphoner’s telemarketing software work?

Our unique workflow helps speed up top-of-funnel tasks where multiple touchpoints are necessary to turn your leads into prospects and customers.

Myphoner’s telemarketing tools include:

  • Power-dialing: this initiates the call to your next lead directly after leaving the last one. Select from disposition options and archive invalid leads.

  • Lead tracking: runs you through the sales funnel efficiently with a CRM that auto-syncs to your lead queue as our power-dialler moves you down the list.

  • Lead segmentation and routing: These help you distribute leads to your agents in several different ways depending on whatever factors you choose.

How Agents View a Lead in Myphoner

How Agents View a Lead in Myphoner

Frequently asked questions

What is telemarketing software?

Telemarketing software gives your contact center the tools to make your sales agents more efficient and productive. In doing so, this software provides you with telemarketing solutions like power-dialing and auto-dialing.

These tools allow you to breeze through your lead lists and maximize your sales by contacting as many as possible. Additionally, telemarketing software can deploy advanced call retry strategies to move on to the next call as quickly as possible.

Myphoner provides software for telemarketing that works perfectly for both agencies and in-house marketing teams. Our sophisticated telemarketing tools help relieve your sales agents of time-consuming work by automatically dialing the next number in their lead queue based on a variety of factors that you can choose from. Plus, you can monitor things like agent conversion rate and time spent on leads with our built-in analytics platform.

How does software for telemarketing work?

Since telemarketing software combines multiple components, we can give you a broad view of how it works here. Software for telemarketing intends to ease bottlenecks in the typical telemarketing workflow. As a result, you’ll be able to contact as many of your leads as you can in the shortest time possible.

For instance, telemarketing software will give you access to a power dialer that can move through your lead queue without your sales agents ever needing to click anything. As the call ends, the next one starts automatically and your sales agent can select a disposition to describe the outcome of the call.

As your agents make calls, you should be able to collect information about their performance. Complete software telemarketing solutions give you every opportunity to check on your sales agents to see their average time spent on leads and how well they’re converting.

What are your rates? Can I save money?

Our rates are listed by the minute. However, when we bill you, we split each minute down to the second. This way, we only charge you a correspondent fraction of a minute if your call only lasts a few seconds. This is far better than most telemarketing solutions considering they usually round up to the nearest minute when calculating the cost of each call. With Myphoner, you only pay for the time you spend on the call and nothing more.

Reach out to us, and we’ll help you estimate exactly how much Myphoner’s outbound telemarketing solutions will help you save.

Can I call destination X?

Yes, our outbound telemarketing software covers the entire world. Note that we block overly expensive numbers such as satellite connections on our network.

I have agents in Country Y, will it work?

Our servers operate in North America, Europe, MENA, South Africa and Australia. If your agents are based outside of these regions you might experience delays. Talk to us if you’re having issues.

What are the requirements to use our telemarketing tools?

All you need to use our power dialer and other telemarketing tools are an internet connection, a computer, and a browser. We recommend that you use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to operate our software. Moreover, your agents should always use a microphone with either speakers or a headset.

We believe that our tools are suitable both for individual freelancers and large teams of up to 100 sales agents. Both in-person and remote teams will benefit from this software since you can easily use it both at home and in the office.

How to use the telemarketing software?

When you’re using our power dialer, you must meet all our requirements. They’re pretty simple, just make sure your agent sets up a computer with a browser and an internet connection and they have a headset and a microphone to communicate. After that, you’re good to go.

Your sales agents need to learn the intended usage and workflow of our CRM system. That way, they’ll be able to operate the telemarketing software with ease from the beginning.

To get started, send your agents some of our helpful articles on how to use Myphoner Voice. If you ever have any problems, our world-class support team works around the clock to resolve your issues.

What tools do telemarketers use?

Telemarketers use all sorts of tools to run their outbound telemarketing campaigns, including:

  • Power Dialer: This speeds up your outbound calling so that your agents spend more time making calls rather than entering numbers.
  • CRM: This is essential for keeping track of your leads to understand which ones would be most fruitful for you. Your sales agent enters information about leads here manually, and you can use this info to automate decisions afterward.
  • Automated Lead Queue: This is where all your leads go so that your power dialer can move through each lead. Plus, there should be functionality to skip through leads and circle back to them later.

What is CRM in telemarketing?

Customer retention is a major consideration in outbound telemarketing. CRM stands for customer relationship management. In telemarketing, this means that you need to use CRM to help retain your leads and jot information down as they move down your sales funnel.

What industries can benefit from telemarketing tools?

SaaS products
Physical products
Real estate
Energy and Solar
Legal services
Education, coaching and counselling
Appointment setting
Market Research
General telemarketing
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We have customers in many sectors

Several industries can benefit from our outbound telemarketing solutions.

Take advantage of our intelligent workflow to reach more leads in less time.

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Boost agent efficiency

Myphoner’s software for telemarketing automates tedious telemarketing tasks for your agents and validates their progress with advanced reports.

  • Track campaigns on multiple levels and gauge the effectiveness of each of your sales agents with our telemarketing tools.

  • Configure customized workflows that optimize your team’s performance. Your agents can customize their lead queue too.

  • Measure how much time your agents spend on each lead with time tracking. Speed it up with our power dialing and retry strategies.

Smart lead tracking has helped agents increase their sales rate significantly.

Smart lead tracking has helped agents increase their sales rate significantly.

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