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Our vision is to enable more balanced lives by removing unnecessary work and cluttered processes.

We do so by simplifying tasks & tailoring processes, helping people achieve their business goals faster and easier.

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Simplicity doesn't mean not-advanced. But it does mean easy to use.

I founded Myphoner in 2012 while working with a team of salespeople. I watched how they struggled to keep track of leads using spreadsheets. Using spreadsheets they lost control and overview. I thought that there needed to be a better way.

I looked into what was available and all I found were expensive and complex CRM systems that were all about CUSTOMER management, but what they needed was LEAD management. So I ended up building a simple but powerful solution.

Myphoner has since rallied a crowd of enthusiastic cold callers and evangelists in sales. We've helped freelancers, startups and agencies grow their businesses and serve their clients.

We are positive that our success is due to our belief in designing for simplicity. We are opinionated and believe in sensible defaults and convention over configuration. We also believe in limiting scope but increasing interoperability.

We've seen it over and over again. Monolith software systems that CAN do everything, but don't because it becomes too complex to make it fit even the most basic workflow.

Myphoner is the opposite. Our passion is building advanced software tailored to a specific workflow, encapsulating the underlying complexity in a crisp, easy to use interface.

All you need to use Myphoner is a desire to talk to your potential customers. Without the chores of a CRM or the hassles of a spreadsheet, you'll soon find Myphoner to be the primary tool in your toolbox.