Text Message/SMS Outreach

Reach leads wherever they are with SMS outreach

Bottom wave

Sales Communication is Changing

Cold calling isn't dead, rather it's morphed into omnichannel conversations, Meeting the lead where they are most comfortable. SMS enables you to reach leads anywhere at any time. Using SMS among other channels of communication, we let you engage with your leads in ways that suit them, all within the Myphoner platform.


98% Open rate

SMS Open Rates are as high as 98%


Most wanted channel

64% of leads want to get text reminders


19% CTR

Click-Through rates for SMS are 19.3%

Definitivamente, recomendo o Myphoner para outras startups, uma ótima ferramenta, fácil de usar, acessível, faz com que toda a dor desapareça quando se trata de chamadas não solicitadas e, como uma start-up, você obterá o melhor retorno possível.

Jacob Riff, Co-Founder


Choose Your Provider

At Myphoner, we don't believe in locking you in; that's why we've integrated text messaging with Twilio & Message Bird, two of the world's most popular SMS providers. Easily integrate with the provider of your choice & send messages through Myphoner. More providers will be added by popular demand.

SMS-iT logo

SMS-iT is a powerful omnichannel and marketing platform, that enables users to generate new leads, reduce churn and engage with their customers.

MessageBird logo

MessageBird connects companies of all sizes to their users worldwide, making business-to-customer communications feel as natural as communicating with a friend.

Twilio logo

Twilio brings a powerful API for phone services enabling companies to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages.

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Solução simples de rastreamento de leads por meio de um fluxo de trabalho de chamada fria exclusivo.

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Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.

SMS templates for the win

Save your sales team time & typos with our SMS templates while ensuring personalized messaging to your leads.

  • Easy Setup - Simply add SMS templates to any campaign.

  • Personalize - Send personalized text messages with no fuss.

  • One-Click - Using SMS templates save agents time

Create SMS templates to send personalized SMS messages with a few clicks

Create SMS templates to send personalized SMS messages with a few clicks

An Omnichannel Outreach Platform

Send an SMS with a few clicks in Myphoner


Text messaging can be a great way to remind leads of appointments or get in touch when they don't have time for a full conversation.

Text Templates - Create robust templates for your team to use and easily personalize messages with merge tags, all saving your team time.

Choose Your Provider - Choose between Twilio & Message Bird to integrate with, no locking into our platform.

    The power dialer in Myphoner


    Cold calling is still the number 1 tool to get in front of your leads & Myphoner makes it simple.

    Power Dialer - Our built-in power dialer makes it easy for any salesperson to call leads, transfer calls, voicemail drop & more.

    Inbound Calls - Inbound capabilities handle calls when a lead returns the call, whether playing a message, taking them through an IVR or connecting directly with your agents.

    Live Monitoring - let supervisors monitor, listen in on calls and whisper to agents while on-call. Training new agents and optimizing the performance of a remote team has never been easier.

      Email templates in Myphoner


      Email can be a great communication channel, especially when following up with leads.

      With Myphoner, we make it easy for sales teams to send emails with a few clicks and stay in touch with leads moving them through the sales process.

      Email Templates - Save your team time & create one voice using email templates. You can use merge tags to ensure each email is tailored to the lead.

      Integrations - Send emails directly in Myphoner using Google Workspace or Outlook 365.

      BCC Emails - Simply move emails from your inbox to Myphoner and keep all the activity for leads in 1 easy to view place.

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