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Basic  19 / seat / mon
paid yearly
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Premium support
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Power dialer 1
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Email 2
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Duplicate detection
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Pipeline automations
Plus  29 / seat / mon
paid yearly
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Everything from Basic
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Time tracking
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Inbound calls
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Smart caller ID management
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Bulk deduplication
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Lead recycling
Premium  49 / seat / mon
paid yearly
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Everything from Plus
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Live monitoring and training
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Client silos/subaccounts
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Callcenter tools
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Custom branding
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White-label add-on

1  Call costs not included in subscription fee - view options.
2  Auto-queue on email replies requires a Google or Microsoft email account.
3  Requires a Twilio or MessageBird subscription.

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Decorative shape
Rating Shield Illustration4.7
94 reviews
Fácil de usar e simples, mas ainda oferece um kit de ferramentas avançado para gerenciamento de leads. Não há mais necessidade de software de gerenciamento de leads pesado e caro :)
Koen Van der Weijden, Sales Manager
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Decorative art

Choose Your Calling Method

Select from four different interchangeable call strategies.

Experience seamless, browser-based calling with Myphoner Voice, offering fast, reliable global coverage without any extra setup.

Our integrated Power Dialer, designed for efficiency and user-friendliness, makes Myphoner Voice the ideal choice for robust dialing needs.

  • Use your own numbers at no extra cost.
  • Option to purchase new numbers starting at just $  5.00 per month.

Only pay for what you use, billed per minute. Call recordings included, no connect fees, no monthly fees, no contracts, no commitments.

View Pricing & Details

Myphoner Mobile is an ideal solution for customers with lower call volumes and local call needs. It simplifies your calling process by routing business calls through your and your agents' smartphones, using your existing mobile plans. This option is likely the most economical and straightforward choice, with no extra costs from Myphoner.

  • Effortlessly route Myphoner calls to your team's smartphones for convenient one-tap dialing.
  • Utilize your current mobile subscriptions for business calls.
  • Pay only your standard mobile rates without additional fees.
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Our Twilio integration complements the Myphoner Power Dialer with added flexibility. This option is best suited for organizations already utilizing Twilio, or for calls to destinations where Twilio offers superior connectivity or more competitive rates.

  • You must have an active Twilio subscription to use this integration.
  • Usage charges will be billed directly by Twilio for calls made through Myphoner.
  • Follow our instructions to set up the integration with your Twilio account.

Please note that this integration does not include features like integrated call recordings, voicemail drop, and call monitoring available in Myphoner Voice.

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This option is ideal for users who already have a VoIP solution and prefer to continue using it. It allows integration with any VoIP dialer (software telephone) that supports click-to-call functionality in the browser.

  • Ensure your softphone is configured with a VoIP subscription to make regular calls.
  • Myphoner doesn't charge for using your VoIP subscription, but you may incur costs from your VoIP provider and need a license for your chosen softphone.

Be aware that while this option can be more economical or offer unlimited calls to specific destinations not covered by Myphoner, it does come with complexities in setup and lacks the convenience and additional features of Myphoner's Power Dialer.

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Choose Your Subscription Plan

Start small or big, change it anytime.

14-days free trial
Premium 24/7 Support
Priority Support Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Workflow / Core
Lead queue 
Lead segmentation
Lead prioritization 
Lead migrations 
Pipeline automations 510Unlimited
Power Dialer1
Call via mobile1
Third party VoIP1
E-mail templates
E-mail integrations 
Text messaging integrations 
Configurable activity reports
Duplicate detection
Bulk deduplication
Lead recycling 
Power Dialer1
Call recordingsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Recording storageIncludedIncludedIncluded
Recording Retention60 days90 days180 days
International CallsWorldwideWorldwideWorldwide
Voicemail drop
Intelligent retry strategies 
Call Monitoring
Callcenter Tools
Call queues
DNC/Call Blocking Lists
Inbound call flows1 
Attended call transfer1BetaBeta
Time tracking 
CID per campaign 
Smart CIDs 
Live monitoring and training1 
Email address per campaign 
Deduplication per campaign 
Custom branding 
White-label Add-on
Sign in with Microsoft (SSO)
Sign in with Google (SSO)Coming SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Sign in with Twitter (SSO)Coming SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Google workspace (Gmail) 
Office 365 (Outlook) 
Twilio (Voice)1 
SMS-iT (Text/SMS) 
MessageBird (Text/SMS) 
Twilio (Text/SMS) 
Custom / API
Try freeTry freeTry free

1  Call costs not included in subscription fee - view options.

Fair Usage Policy

At Myphoner we believe in being fair. With pricing that means when you remove a seat we will add the remaining billing cycle as credits to your account.

Any positive balance will then go to your next invoice.


Power Dialer

With Myphoner Voice - Our built in VoIP solution.

Select a destination to view the rates.

Included in all paid plans

1 free number from US, UK, or Canada.
Additional phone numbers are subject to an additional charge.

Call recording baked right into the platform.

Voicemail drop saves you time and delivers a consistent pitch.

Intelligent retry strategies increase call rates significantly with auto-dispositioning.

Free 14-day trial on subscription.
Calls are prepaid and requires credit card or PayPal.

Start calling today! Pay for what you use, no binding and no extra call fees.


Freedom of choice

Prefer to use another means of calling? Myphoner Voice is optional, and you can bring your own provider instead.


Call recordings included

Record calls for free if you like. Depending on your plan, we retain call recordings for up to 90 days.


Worldwide coverage

Call from anywhere to everywhere. We cover the whole wide world with premium quality and service.


Local numbers

Get local numbers in 60+ countries. We help you signal trust and get more connected calls.


Cancel anytime

Just stop using Myphoner Voice if you don’t need it – no binding and no hidden fees.


Money back

Use any remaining credits when renewing your subscription or get a refund if you cancel it.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can cancel anytime with no questions asked. Of course your feedback is always welcome - even before you decide to cancel.

Yes. Your data is transported over encrypted lines and stored in encrypted databases in the secure Amazon cloud. We backup daily and store backups in a secure vault for a couple of months.

At Myphoner we have undertaken a Corporate Data Protection Impact Assessment (as ruled under article 35 of the GDPR) to establish our operational adequacy towards Personal Data Protection.

We have appointed a DPO (Data Protection Officer) whose role is to ensure ongoing compliance monitoring along with plus assuring the interaction with both Data Subjects as well as Supervisory Authorities as needed.

We understand that GDPR is an ongoing project and we are always striving for compliance.

No. Our prices are fair and square. The value you'll get from using Myphoner is far beyond the price we charge for it.

No - Myphoner usage is based on seats. This means that each seat is charged equally, account owners/managers can decide which features should be enabled for each user.

This pricing model allows us to focus on building solutions that not only provide new features for agents but also create a robust set of tools for managers.

At the end of the day, whether you are using Myphoner for calling, reporting or coaching your team, you are receiving value from the platform.

As per our terms we do not offer refunds. However, we do have a fair usage policy which means we add credits to your account when you remove seats.

We strongly believe that providing a premium support experience is a differentiator and we strive to deliver fast, efficient and accurate support to everyone.

We offer 24/7 support via email and in-app chat for managers, along with access to our helpdesk with videos and articles describing all features and koncepts in Myphoner.

We support any VoIP provider that has a softphone with click-to-call functionality, we also have a direct integration with Twilio in our dialler. For more information see our help article on how to activate the dialer.

With custom branding, you can change the colour palette of Myphoner and add your own logo, Myphoner becomes branded to you.

Whereas Whitelabel removes any and all mention of Myphoner including the URL, links to documentation and support. Giving you the opportunity to resell Myphoner or simply provide a complete in house branded experience to your team and clients.

Each plan is designed for specific business types, in general, Basic is for solopreneurs and small businesses, whereas a product/service business would get the most out of the Plus plan and an agency prospecting for their clients would need the Premium Plan.

If you're unsure request a demo and we can discuss your unique set of needs.