PhoneBurner vs. Myphoner

Choosing the outreach tool that's right for you

How we make our comparisons

At Myphoner, we realize that every business will have different needs. We want you to make the best-informed choice for your company, so we make our comparisons as fair as possible. We’ll describe the key differences and which tools best suit specific needs. So let’s dive in.


Trusted by large brands like RE/MAX, Farmers Insurance, Keller Williams, and Worldwide Express, Phoneburner is a valuable resource for large organizations handling many sales teams.

With seamless integration with Salesforce, Zapier, Zoho, Zoom, and Hubspot, Phoneburner provides all the advantages of a powerful contact management platform with the flexibility to connect with powerful CRMs.

Here are key features of PhoneBurner:

  • Power Dialer that increases call volume to 60-80 per hour with no per-minute fees

  • Workflow Automation that supports voicemails, emails, SMS messaging, and follow-up segmenting

  • Lead Management designed to reach every last lead through omnichannel outreach

  • Reporting to track and support your sales teams with extras like automatic call logging, recording, and live coaching


Myphoner is a user-friendly CRM tool built for sales teams that want to make their cold-calling campaigns effective. Your sales team can conduct an entire campaign from start to finish without migrating to a new tool.

A few of Myphoner’s benefits include:

  • A better way to manage your remote teams and client campaigns

  • Features that enhance agents' cold-calling campaigns like auto-dialer, inbound call handling, and voice mail drops

  • Ability to integrate with several VOIP and SMS providers

  • Up-to-date campaign analytics of agents on an insightful reporting dashboard

  • A simple and easy-to-navigate interface fits freelancers, agencies, and startups

PhoneBurner vs. Myphoner - The Difference

The Myphoner platform has the features you need at a great price, no bloat, no bs.

Target Team Size< 50< 50
Free Version
PriceStarting From $127/seat/monthStarting From $19/seat/month
VoiPBuilt-inBuilt-in & 3rd parties
VoiP pricingIncluded in subscription - US onlyPay per use - Worldwide coverage
BudgetExpensiveBest Value
Support24/7 on all plans24/7 on all plans
Ideal WorkflowComplexSimple
Lead Queue
Intelligent retry strategies
Predictive Dialer
SMS Integration
Time Tracking
Call Center ToolsComplexSimple
Capterra rating4.9 (112 reviews)4.7 (95 reviews)
Mobile AppPush To Mobile
Custom BrandingLimited
Reporting Analytics
What sets us apart

PhoneBurner vs. Myphoner - The Game Changers


Filas dinâmicas de leads

O Myphoner usa distribuição dinâmica de leads para fornecer os melhores leads possíveis para os agentes em tempo real. Isso permite que os gerentes ajustem os leads recebidos com maior prioridade.

Uma fila simples permite que os agentes trabalhem a partir do mesmo pool de leads sem a preocupação de sobreposição. Os agentes podem se concentrar em apresentações de vendas sem se distrair com a localização de leads.


Lead Tracking

O Myphoner permite que você acompanhe facilmente a jornada de um cliente ao longo do funil de vendas. Com o rastreamento de leads omnicanal, os usuários podem integrar sua geração de leads com o Zapier com apenas alguns cliques.

A partir daí, você pode rastrear seus leads e segmentá-los em listas. Isso permite que as equipes de vendas organizem seus leads para campanhas específicas ou outra métrica de sua escolha. Por último, você pode distribuir leads para agentes específicos usando uma fila.


Power Dialer

Construído para equipes de chamadas frias, o discador de energia do Myphoner aumenta a eficiência e o ROI por meio de seu discador automático. O Myphoner oferece nova tentativa inteligente, que permite que os agentes passem para o próximo lead.

Os agentes também podem empregar a queda do correio de voz para economizar tempo automatizando as mensagens do correio de voz. Os gerentes apreciarão especialmente o recurso de monitoramento ao vivo, que ajuda a fornecer feedback essencial para suas equipes.

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Solução simples de rastreamento de leads por meio de um fluxo de trabalho de chamada fria exclusivo.

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Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.

The Verdict

Choose PhoneBurner if you want:

  • More complex tools for more comprehensive workflows

  • A customizable interface

  • Increased support for remote teams

  • You’re a big enterprise with a multiple sales teams

Choose Myphoner as a Phoneburner alternative if you want:

  • The ability to qualify leads easily

  • An easy-to-use, simple tool for agile teams

  • Comprehensive reporting for all aspects of your call center

  • A powerful dialer, making cold calling trivial

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Fácil de usar e simples, mas ainda oferece um kit de ferramentas avançado para gerenciamento de leads. Não há mais necessidade de software de gerenciamento de leads pesado e caro :)

O Myphoner oferece total transparência sobre o desempenho de cada agente e a eficácia de nossas campanhas.

Myphoner é um deve ter para chamadas frias. É uma das ferramentas mais simples e eficientes com as quais já trabalhei. Nas poucas vezes que tive dúvidas, o atendimento ao cliente me ajudou em minutos!

General FAQ Myphoner or PhoneBurner

At Myphoner, we pride ourselves on delivering affordable price points for an extremely comprehensive tool. While the prices are similar, Myphoner has the edge across all paid plans. Plus, we have a great free trial, so you can try us for 14 days. You can cancel at any time during those 14 days, so you’ll only need to pay for Myphoner once you’re convinced we’re the solution for you.

It really depends on the needs of your sales team. That being said, if you’re looking for a simple solution with all the features your team needs to be successful (like our excellent lead queue features), Myphoner will be the solution for you!

Both Myphoner and Phoneburner offer 24/7 support across all plans. Plus, Myphoner has a nifty chat feature where you can contact a member of our support team and get an answer quickly!

At this time, no. However, Myphoner has an app that you can download, which allows you to route calls to your mobile phone directly, improving workflows, even on the move.

Both Phoneburner and Myphoner integrate with a number of tools, including CRMs like Hubspot and SalesForce and marketing automation platforms like Mailchimp. Check out the full list of integrations to see if the platform you use is supported.

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