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Revolutionizing Sales Strategies for a New Era

In today's fast-paced business landscape, small businesses and agencies require cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead. Our cold calling software harnesses the power of automation to supercharge your sales efforts. With innovative features like lead recycling, you can breathe new life into unresponsive leads and re-engage them at the most opportune moments.

A large percentage of leads in your sales pipeline may be inactive or unresponsive, resulting in wasted time and effort for your sales team.
Stop wasting time
Lead expiration and recycling can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your sales process, ensuring that your team is focused on the most promising opportunities.
Improve results
By automating the lead recycling process, you can reduce the risk of human error and ensure that your sales pipeline is up-to-date and optimized for conversion.
Reduce risk

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Jacob Riff
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Introducing Myphoner: Your Premier Sales Dialer and Lead Management Solution

Empower your sales team with Myphoner, the ultimate sales dialer and lead management platform. Our sophisticated lead recycling capabilities automate the process of identifying unresponsive leads, removing them from your pipeline, and reintroducing them when the time is right for successful follow-ups.

Myphoner's lead expiration feature allows you to set custom parameters based on time or call attempts, ensuring that your pipeline remains clutter-free and your team is zeroed in on the most promising leads. By tailoring expiration rules to your unique requirements, you'll optimize the removal of unresponsive leads at just the right moment.

Our innovative pipeline automations ensure that expired leads don't go to waste. Effortlessly recycle leads back into the sales cycle with custom automations designed to re-engage, send follow-up emails, or reassign them to other team members for additional attention.

Experience the power of Myphoner's lead recycling and pipeline automation features, designed to maximize sales opportunities and streamline your team's efforts. Stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive tools that help you engage leads at the perfect time and secure more successful deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lead recycling?

Lead recycling is the process of automatically removing unresponsive or stale leads from your sales pipeline and re-engaging with them at a later time for future follow-up.

How does lead recycling work?

Lead recycling works by automatically removing leads from your sales pipeline based on specific criteria, such as inactivity or lack of engagement. These leads are then recycled and re-engaged with at a later time using automated follow-up sequences, email campaigns, or other lead nurturing strategies.

What are the benefits of lead recycling?

The benefits of lead recycling include increased efficiency and productivity, improved lead quality, and higher conversion rates. By focusing on the most promising leads and automating the follow-up process, you can streamline your sales pipeline and improve your overall sales performance.

How can I implement lead recycling in my sales process?

There are many tools and strategies available for implementing lead recycling in your sales process, including lead scoring, marketing automation, and CRM systems. By working with a sales automation platform like Myphoner, you can easily automate the process of lead recycling and improve your overall sales performance.

How does lead expiration work in Myphoner?

Lead expiration in Myphoner works by automatically identifying leads that have exceeded a certain timeframe or maximum number of call attempts without getting qualified. Once a lead is identified as expired, Myphoner removes it from the sales pipeline and places it into a separate pool for expired leads.

From there, Myphoner lets you use pipeline automations to re-engage with the leads and bring it back into the sales process. Alternatively, the lead can be archived or deleted entirely, depending on the preferences of the sales team.

By setting up lead expiration rules in Myphoner, sales teams can ensure that they are focusing their efforts on the most promising opportunities and avoiding wasting time and resources on unresponsive leads. This helps to streamline the sales process and increase overall productivity and efficiency. By automating the lead recycling process, Myphoner helps sales teams stay focused on the most promising opportunities and avoid wasting time and resources on unresponsive leads. This allows teams to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

How does re-engaging expired leads work in Myphoner?

Re-engaging with leads in Myphoner works through pipeline automations. These automations can be set up to reinstate leads into the same or a different pipeline for follow-up through calling, texting and emailing in Myphoner, or export the leads for list activation in different systems, such as email marketing automation tools.

An example could be assigning the leads to a different salesperson for a fresh approach, including tasks like sending follow-up emails or text messages to try to (re-)engage the leads.

By using pipeline automations to re-engage with inactive or expired leads, sales teams can increase the chances of converting them into active opportunities. These automations can be customized to fit the specific needs of each sales team, allowing for a personalized approach to re-engaging with leads and increasing overall conversion rates.

Why Myphoner

An Omnichannel Outreach Platform


Send an SMS with a few clicks in Myphoner

SMS is great for re-engaging inactive leads because it is a quick, personal, and unobtrusive way to remind them of appointments or spark their interest in a conversation without taking up too much of their time.

SMS messages can be easily composed from robust templates with merge tags for your team to use and easily personalize messages, all saving your team time.

We integrate with Twilio & MessageBird to provide top-tier messaging infrastructure, no locking into our platform.

Send an SMS with a few clicks in Myphoner

Our built-in power dialer features auto-dial, transfer calls, voicemail drop & more

Cold calling is still the number 1 tool to get in front of your leads & Myphoner makes it simple.

Our built-in power dialer makes it easy for any salesperson to call leads, leave prerecorded voicemail & more.

Inbound capabilities handle calls when a lead returns the call, whether playing a message, taking them through an IVR or connecting directly with your agents.

Live Monitoring let supervisors monitor, listen in on calls and whisper to agents while on-call. Training new agents and optimizing the performance of a remote team has never been easier.

The power dialer in Myphoner

Reach out and follow-up via e-mail with a few clicks

Email can be a great communication channel, also when trying to re-engage with leads.

With Myphoner, we make it easy for sales teams to send emails with a few clicks and stay in touch with leads moving them through the sales process.

Email Templates - Save your team time & create one voice using email templates. You can use merge tags to ensure each email is tailored to the lead.

Integrations - Send emails directly in Myphoner using Google Workspace or Outlook 365.

BCC Emails - Simply move emails from your inbox to Myphoner and keep all the activity for leads in 1 easy to view place.

Email templates in Myphoner

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