LeadDesk vs. Myphoner

All businesses are unique and require different tools, & at Myphoner, we understand that. The point of this comparison isn't to bash LeadDesk but to help you understand what problems we're trying to solve.

Target Team Size> 100< 50
Free Version
PriceStarting From $89Starting From $19
Contract LengthYearlyMonthly or Yearly (discounted)
BudgetExpensiveBest Value
SupportNot 24/724/7 on all plans
Ideal WorkflowComplexSimple
Lead Queue
APIOnly Advanced Plans
Predictive Dialer
VoiPBuilt-in & 3rd partiesBuilt-in & 3rd parties
SMS IntegrationOnly Built-inSMS-iT, Twilio, MessageBird
Time Tracking
Call Center ToolsComplexSimple
Capterra Reviews793
Mobile AppPush To Mobile
Custom Branding
Intelligent retry strategies
Reporting Analytics
What sets us apart

LeadDesk vs. Myphoner - The Game Changers

Análisis incorporado

Myphoner informa para permitirle detectar fácilmente cualquier problema con nuestros análisis integrados.

Con nuestros informes de agentes y campañas, puede comparar fácilmente cualquier rango de fechas y captar rápidamente mejoras o desviaciones.

Elija su propia VoIP

Puede utilizar nuestro marcador integrado con Myphoner Voice o Twilio, o cualquier solución VoIP con clic para llamar.

Creemos en darle la opción de utilizar el proveedor que prefiera.

Fácil de integrar

Entendemos que una solución saliente es solo una parte de su pila tecnológica.

Esto significa que entendemos que necesita integrarse con muchas aplicaciones. Le damos el poder de hacer precisamente eso en todos los planes.

Obtener Myphoner

Solución simple de seguimiento de clientes potenciales a través de un flujo de trabajo único de llamadas en frío.

Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.
How to choose

The Verdict

LeadDesk is the right choice if:

  • You run a large contact centre

  • You need an all-in-one solution for your sales & customer service

  • You are looking to utilize different types of dialers for your team

  • You have a high budget and want to be locked into year-long contracts

Myphoner is a great LeadDesk software alternative if:

  • You need an easy way to qualify leads

  • You're looking for a solution that does just one thing and does it well

  • Your team is growing and needs to be agile enough to make workflow changes quickly

  • You value a cost-effective tool that allows you to be agile

Confiado en todo el mundo

British Council
Monsido Webmaster Tool

Que dicen nuestros clientes sobre nosotros

Fácil de usar y simple, pero aun así se las arregla para ofrecer un conjunto de herramientas avanzado para la gestión de clientes potenciales. Ya no es necesario un software de gestión de clientes potenciales pesado y caro :)

Koen Van der Weijden
Koen Van der Weijden

Myphoner proporciona total transparencia sobre el rendimiento de cada agente y la eficacia de nuestras campañas.

Eric Elming
Eric Elming
Sales Manager, Skyepack

Myphoner es imprescindible para llamadas en frío. Es una de las herramientas más simples y eficientes con las que he trabajado. ¡Las pocas veces que tuve preguntas, el servicio de atención al cliente me ayudó en minutos!

Maarten Bakuwel
Maarten Bakuwel
Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ Myphoner or LeadDesk

Is Myphoner a LeadDesk Contact Center alternative?

When you compare LeadDesk to Myphoner, you'll notice that LeadDesk is more suited for larger companies with complex needs.

While Myphoner is designed for smaller companies and tools that help such agencies create agile workflows that suit their client's needs.

Depending on your needs, you'll need to decide for yourself the best solution for your business's needs.

Does LeadDesk offer monthly and yearly contracts?

LeadDesk contracts & pricing can be opaque. Currently, their contracts are yearly only.

Myphoner offers both monthly & yearly contracts; the choice is yours.

How does LeadDesk pricing stack up?

LeadDesk is on the upper end of pricing within the market. They, however, have a specific niche: large contact centres providing them with many features. This shows us the reason for their growth and ability to charge as they do.

What does built-in VoIP mean?

Simply put, the ‘phone system’ is built into the application without needing a 3rd party provider.

The benefit of having the option to use a 3rd party and inbuilt VoIP means that you have the flexibility to use the right provider depending on your needs.

LeadDesk offers an in-house VoIP system on all accounts; if you want to add your provider, you would need to be on the Advanced Plan for €129 per user per month.

Myphoner offers the flexibility of choice from our Basic Plan, starting at €19 per user per month.

How does the LeadDesk software API offer work?

LeadDesk only offers access to their API in the Advanced & Enterprise plans, so starting at €129 per user per month, you can get access to their API.

Here at Myphoner, we take a different approach as we understand how powerful integrations can be. You can integrate with our partners (such as Zapier, Make or Zoho Flow) starting with our Basic plan.

If you want access to our API, you can simply work on our Plus or Premium plans, starting at $35 per month.

empezar en minutos. 14 días de prueba gratis en todos los planes.