Boost your sales call follow-up with streamlined Email outreach

Myphoner streamlines email communication with phone and sms, enabling efficient multi-channel outreach, all within one affordable package.

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Evolving Sales Conversations

The landscape of sales communication continues to shift, seamlessly integrating multiple channels to meet leads in their preferred spaces. Among these, email stands as a cornerstone, weaving together the threads of engagement and follow-up.

As the digital landscape evolves, the integration of traditional and modern communication channels becomes indispensable. Myphoner recognizes this pivotal role, offering advanced email integrations that seamlessly connect your preferred Microsoft or Google accounts, thereby streamlining your sales communications directly within our platform.

Our approach redefines email's role in sales, transforming it into a dynamic tool that not only complements cold calling and SMS functionalities but significantly amplifies engagement and conversion rates. With Myphoner, the convenience of sending emails from the most fitting account for each campaign is at your fingertips, ensuring every message resonates with its intended audience.

Myphoner's auto-queuing feature automatically prioritizes leads who respond to emails, streamlining follow-ups and reducing response times. This enhances team efficiency and ensures prompt engagement with prospects.

8 in 10 prospects prefer email as a communication channel
SDRs prefer email as a communication channel
of buyers choose the vendor that responds first

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Definitivamente recomiendo Myphoner a otras nuevas empresas, una gran herramienta, fácil de usar, asequible, hace que todo el dolor desaparezca cuando se trata de llamadas en frío y, como empresa nueva, obtendrá el máximo rendimiento de su inversión.

Jacob Riff
Jacob Riff
Co-Founder | Monsido
Why Myphoner

An Omnichannel Outreach Platform


Reach out and follow-up via e-mail with a few clicks

Email can be a great communication channel, especially when following up with leads.

Save your team time & create one voice using email templates. Just like with SMS templates, you can use merge tags to ensure each email is tailored to the lead.

Send emails directly from Myphoner when connected to Google or Microsoft accounts.

Simply move emails from your inbox to Myphoner using BCC and forwarding, and keep all the activity for leads in 1 easy-to-view place.

Email templates in Myphoner

Our built-in power dialer features auto-dial, transfer calls, voicemail drop & more

Cold calling is still the number 1 tool to get in front of your leads & Myphoner makes it simple.

Inbound capabilities handle calls when a lead returns the call, whether playing a message, taking them through an IVR or connecting directly with your agents.

Supervisors can monitor, listen in on calls and "whisper" to agents while on-call. Training new agents and optimizing the performance of a remote team has never been easier.

The power dialer in Myphoner

Send an SMS with a few clicks in Myphoner

Text messaging can be a great way to remind leads of appointments or get in touch when they don't have time for a full conversation.

Create robust templates for your team to use and easily personalize messages with merge tags, all saving your team time.

Choose between Twilio & Message Bird to integrate with, no locking into our platform.

Send an SMS with a few clicks in Myphoner

Obtener Myphoner

Solución simple de seguimiento de clientes potenciales a través de un flujo de trabajo único de llamadas en frío.

Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.

Esto era exactamente lo que estaba buscando. Todas las demás herramientas de gestión de clientes potenciales están repletas de funciones. Myphoner se ve mucho mejor y tomó alrededor de 5 minutos para aprender y comenzar a usar.

Steven Kilzer
Steven Kilzer
Capital Eyewear

Myphoner nos ayudó a aumentar nuestras tasas de conversión de llamadas en un 25 % a medida que escalamos nuestros equipos remotos en MENA. Ahora podemos medir el rendimiento de nuestras campañas salientes con mucha más facilidad y eficiencia.

Abilash Ramesh
Abilash Ramesh
British Council
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