Boost your sales with straightforward SMS outreach

Myphoner streamlines SMS communication with phone and e-mail, enabling efficient multi-channel outreach, all within one affordable package.

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Sales Communication is Changing

Cold calling isn't dead, rather it's morphed into omnichannel conversations, Meeting the lead where they are most comfortable. SMS enables you to reach leads anywhere at any time.

Using SMS among other channels of communication, we let you engage with your leads in ways that suit them, all within the Myphoner platform.

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Consiglio vivamente Myphoner ad altre startup, un ottimo strumento, facile da usare, conveniente, fa sparire tutto il dolore quando si tratta di chiamate a freddo e come start-up otterrai il massimo dal tuo investimento.

Jacob Riff
Jacob Riff
Co-Founder | Monsido
Why Myphoner

An Omnichannel Outreach Platform


Send an SMS with a few clicks in Myphoner

Text messaging can be a great way to remind leads of appointments or get in touch when they don't have time for a full conversation.

Create robust templates for your team to use and easily personalize messages with merge tags, all saving your team time.

Choose between Twilio, MessageBird, and Fortytwo to integrate with, no locking into our platform.

Send an SMS with a few clicks in Myphoner

Our built-in power dialer features auto-dial, transfer calls, voicemail drop & more

Cold calling is still the number 1 tool to get in front of your leads & Myphoner makes it simple.

Inbound capabilities handle calls when a lead returns the call, whether playing a message, taking them through an IVR or connecting directly with your agents.

Supervisors can monitor, listen in on calls and "whisper" to agents while on-call. Training new agents and optimizing the performance of a remote team has never been easier.

The power dialer in Myphoner

Reach out and follow-up via e-mail with a few clicks

Email can be a great communication channel, especially when following up with leads.

Save your team time & create one voice using email templates. Just like with SMS templates, you can use merge tags to ensure each email is tailored to the lead.

Send emails directly from Myphoner when connected to Google or Microsoft accounts.

Simply move emails from your inbox to Myphoner using BCC and forwarding, and keep all the activity for leads in 1 easy-to-view place.

Email templates in Myphoner

Ottieni Myphoner

Semplice soluzione di tracciamento dei lead attraverso un flusso di lavoro unico per le chiamate a freddo.

Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.

Questo era esattamente quello che stavo cercando. Tutti gli altri strumenti di gestione dei lead sono pieni di funzionalità. Myphoner ha un aspetto molto migliore e ci sono voluti circa 5 minuti per imparare e iniziare a usarlo.

Steven Kilzer
Steven Kilzer
Capital Eyewear

Myphoner ci ha aiutato ad aumentare i nostri tassi di conversione delle chiamate del 25% mentre ampliavamo i nostri team remoti in tutta l'area MENA. Ora possiamo misurare le prestazioni delle nostre campagne outbound con molta più facilità ed efficienza.

Abilash Ramesh
Abilash Ramesh
British Council
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