FiveCRM vs. Myphoner

This guide aims to give you an honest review of FiveCRM and Myphoner. We're not trying to bash anyone, just a no-BS guide to help you choose the right tool that rhymes with your prospecting goals.


As the name hints, FiveCRM is a full-suite CRM tool with five digital CRM products: DigitalPro CRM, CallPro CRM, ManagePro CRM, EmailPro CRM, and AutomationPro CRM. All these have one goal: to make outbound and inbound campaigns faster, easy, and more effective.

Here are some of FiveCRM’s benefits:

  • Custom reports on your campaign to keep everyone on your team informed and motivated
  • Lead generation solutions across five industries, including B2B, outbound teams, insurance and finance, education, and consultancy
  • Provide all features to make outbound and inbound tasks simple and efficient in all industries
  • Provides a complete CRM solution


Myphoner is a user-friendly CRM tool built for sales teams that want to make their cold-calling campaigns effective. Your sales team can conduct an entire campaign from start to finish without migrating to a new tool.

A few of Myphoner’s benefits include:

  • A better way to manage your remote teams and client campaigns
  • Features that enhance agents' cold-calling campaigns like auto-dialer, inbound call handling, and voice mail drops
  • Ability to integrate with several VOIP and SMS providers
  • Up-to-date campaign analytics of agents on an insightful reporting dashboard
  • A simple and easy-to-navigate interface fits freelancers, agencies, and startups

Feature breakdown

Target Team Size< 300< 50
Free Version
PriceStarting From $70/seat/monthStarting From $19/seat/month
BudgetExpensiveBest Value
Support24/7 on all plans24/7 on all plans
CRMFull CRMLight-weight CRM
Ideal WorkflowAdvancedSimple
Usability/InterfaceOld schoolModern
Predictive Dialer
VoiPBuilt-in & 3rd partiesBuilt-in & 3rd parties
SMS Integration
Client Silos
Time Tracking
Automation toolsAdvancedLightweight
Capterra rating5 (2 reviews)4.7 (94 reviews)
Mobile AppPush To Mobile
What sets us apart

FiveCRM vs. Myphoner - The Game Changers

CRM avanzato ma semplice

A differenza di FiveCRM, Myphoner è avanzato ma non è complesso da utilizzare. Ti ci vorranno alcuni giri per prenderne la mano.

Ciò è in linea con la nostra passione per la creazione di software con uno scopo, mantenendo la complessità sotto il cofano. Ciò aiuta gli agenti di vendita a svolgere le proprie attività con un flusso di lavoro unico utilizzando una piattaforma facile da navigare, aumentando l'efficienza e la produttività.

Gestione degli agenti

Uno dei nostri obiettivi principali è concentrarci sulle prestazioni degli agenti perché riteniamo che sia fondamentale per il successo complessivo della campagna.

Myphoner ti offre una panoramica completa dei potenziali clienti su cui stanno lavorando i tuoi agenti, anche se un gruppo potrebbe lavorare su un lead. Ciò ti consente di identificare rapidamente i top performer e di aiutarli a inserirne di nuovi.

Analisi integrata

Riteniamo che dovresti disporre di dati approfonditi e accurati che ti aiutino a prendere decisioni tempestive.

Myphoner è progettato per aiutarti a raggiungere questo obiettivo fornendoti analisi in tempo reale sulle tue campagne. Hai anche accesso a report di confronto degli agenti che puoi personalizzare rapidamente in base alle tue esigenze.

Ottieni Myphoner

Semplice soluzione di tracciamento dei lead attraverso un flusso di lavoro unico per le chiamate a freddo.

Personalised campaign dashboard in Myphoner.
How to choose

The Verdict

Choose FiveCRM if:

  • You have complex sales workflows
  • You need a full-suite marketing tool that offers all features in one platform
  • Have a reasonable budget for sales prospecting
  • You’re a big enterprise with a huge sales team

Myphoner is a great FiveCRM software alternative if:

  • You’re looking for a simple cold-calling tool to qualify prospects
  • Your team is growing and needs to be agile enough to make workflow changes quickly
  • You have a limited sales budget and need a tool to fit in and deliver exceptional results
  • You value simple reporting that is easy to understand

Affidabile in tutto il mondo

British Council
Monsido Webmaster Tool

Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti

Facile da usare e semplice ma riesce comunque a offrire un toolkit avanzato per la gestione dei lead. Non c'è più bisogno di software di gestione dei lead pesanti e costosi :)

Koen Van der Weijden
Koen Van der Weijden

Myphoner offre una trasparenza completa sulle prestazioni di ciascun agente e sull'efficacia delle nostre campagne.

Eric Elming
Eric Elming
Sales Manager, Skyepack

Myphoner è un must per le chiamate a freddo. È uno degli strumenti più semplici ed efficienti con cui abbia mai lavorato. Le poche volte che ho avuto domande, il servizio clienti mi ha aiutato in pochi minuti!

Maarten Bakuwel
Maarten Bakuwel
Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ Myphoner or FiveCRM

Is Myphoner a reliable FiveCRM alternative?

The answer depends. While both tools serve a similar market, FiveCRM is more of a full-stack marketing software that helps multiple industries.

On the other hand, Myphoner has one focus - To give you a simple solution that allows your sales team to create robust cold-calling and follow-up campaigns with promising prospects to qualify them.

How does FiveCRM compare to Myphoner’s pricing?

FiveCRM starts at $70/month/user, and you get access to all the CRM versions. The price increases as you add more people to the CRM. The climax is at 300 seats, costing you a whopping $13922/month.

However, some functions are not available on all the CRM versions. For example, Lead scoring is only available on the ManagePro CRM version. The more features and function you want, the more you’ll dig into your pocket.

This is quite different from Myphoner’s pricing. Our pricing plan starts at $19/seat/month, then $29/per seat/ month, and finally, $49/per seat/month. The price difference is because of the additional features. Luckily, you get a 14 days trial on all plans to get a feel of how it works.

What are the main Features of FiveCRM's telemarketing software?

FiveCRM offers a wide array of features, but the five main features are as follows:

  • Lead management
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Real-Time Reporting & Analysis
  • Team Collaboration Tools
How does FiveCRM Auto-dialer work?

FiveCRM gives users access to the auto-dialer features but’s it’s only available on three CRM versions namely; CallPro CRM, Callpro CRM lite, and ManagePro CRM.

The last three versions, ManagePro CRM Lite, EmailPro CRM, and AutomationPro CRM, don’t have the feature.

This means they’ll have to pay more to access the former advanced CRM versions to get access.

Myphoner gives users access to the auto-dialer from the free to our most expensive plan. The only difference is the number of days call recordings are retained.

Does FiveCRM cater to telesales/telemarketing agencies?

No, they don’t; they are specifically designed for in-house sales teams. Myphoner, on the other hand, is built for both telesales agencies and sales teams. We have many features designed to make telemarketing companies' lives easier. From keeping client data separate, to call centre tools, we have you covered.

This makes Myphoner a good FiveCRM software alternative.

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