From Start-Up to Industry Leader with Myphoner

To grow the business, Monsido has been utilizing cold outreach from day one, and their weapon of choice was always Myphoner.

Jacob, Co-founder of Monsido

In six years, Monsido grew from a team of four to 90 employees, transitioning from a startup to a global company with offices in the US, Australia, the UK, and Denmark.

Monsido’s mission is to empower businesses to achieve an optimized and accessible online presence, serving sectors including Education and Government.

This case study explores the role of Myphoner, a sales dialer and CRM solution, in supporting Monsido’s scaling efforts and maintaining resilience through remote work transitions, such as those necessitated by COVID-19.

Before Myphoner

In the early days, Monsido was just a small team of four co-founders, with Jacob being one of them. Jacob was tasked with sales and faced challenges managing leads and deciding on processes. At one time he was using Google sheets to manage leads, but it was time-consuming and ineffective. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Jacob nearly abandoned cold calling. The need for an effective solution to manage sales outreach became apparent.

A New Direction

The discovery of Myphoner marked a turning point for Monsido. Its promise of a user-friendly interface and suite of versatile tools offered a new direction. Jacob found Myphoner to be an essential tool that enabled the team to overcome previous obstacles without facing a steep learning curve.

The transition to Myphoner transformed Monsido’s approach to sales. The features, including lead management and call scheduling, empowered the sales team to concentrate on connecting with prospects and closing deals. This shift towards productive engagement with leads replaced previous challenges, enhancing the team's productivity. Myphoner supported not just the quantity of calls made but also improved the quality of each interaction and the satisfaction of sales representatives, ensuring a more effective and happier sales team.

Myphoner would keep me focused on the leads and the calls for the day and I didn’t have to worry about anything else

Jacob Riff
Jacob Riff
Co-founder, Monsido

Impact and Growth

As Monsido prepared to scale, Tyler Yezerski joined the team, focusing on optimizing the existing sales processes. Myphoner became a pivotal tool in this phase. Tyler highlighted the impact of the integrations set up to enhance their workflows and maintain consistency of data across tools and systems. He stated, "Myphoner helped us link up multiple systems including Salesforce, enabling SDRs to keep focus and make over a hundred calls a day."

The adoption of Myphoner coincided with Monsido's significant expansion from 4 to 90 employees. This growth narrative is partly attributed to the improved efficiency and scalability provided by Myphoner, illustrating its role in supporting Monsido’s scaling ambitions. The platform's ability to facilitate high-volume calling and seamless integration with existing systems was crucial in this phase of growth.

A setback Avoided

The advent of COVID-19 tested the adaptability of companies worldwide. Tyler noted, “instead of working from the office, we moved our workstations to our houses, so nothing really changed.” This resilience underscored Myphoner's capability to support remote work seamlessly, demonstrating its built-for-remote nature and ensuring continuity in Monsido’s operations.

Monsido and Myphoner: A Strategic Alliance

Reflecting on the journey, Jacob and Tyler highlighted Myphoner's critical role. Jacob stated, "Monsido would not be where it is today without using Myphoner from the start", emphasizing its foundational impact. Tyler’s experience reinforced the platform's capability to integrate with existing systems and maintain productivity, even in remote settings.

Monsido would not be where it is today without using Myphoner from the start

Jacob Riff
Jacob Riff
Co-founder, Monsido

The initial sales growth and the ability to secure seed investment were directly linked to effective cold calling efforts facilitated by Myphoner. This connection between early sales success and financial milestones illustrates Myphoner's value in Monsido's development. Reflecting on the impact and journey with Myphoner, Jacob says, "Definitely recommend Myphoner to other startups, a great tool, easy to use, affordable, makes all the pain go away when it comes to cold calling, and as a start-up, you’ll get the most bang for your buck."


Monsido's story, enriched by Jacob's vision and Tyler’s analytical prowess, showcases the strategic value of selecting the right tools. Myphoner was not just a tool but a growth catalyst and a facilitator for seamless transition to remote work. This case study serves as a blueprint for businesses seeking growth, efficiency, and adaptability, demonstrating how strategic tool selection can lead to overcoming challenges and achieving sustained success.

Definitely recommend Myphoner to other startups, a great tool, easy to use, affordable, makes all the pain go away when it comes to cold calling, and as a start-up, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Jacob Riff
Jacob Riff
Co-founder, Monsido

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