Getting Started: Configure and Use a Dialer

How to Configure and Use a Dialer

With myphoner, you can choose your own voip provider and bring your own softphone. This way you can have the the outbound dialing solution that suits you best.


Before you start trying to make calls via click-to-call and auto dial, you need to make sure that your list is configured correctly.

  • Make sure the field with your phone number has type "Phone" (choose it from the 'Link Type' drop down when configuring your list)
  • Make sure the number you are using to test have a country code (e.g. +1 for US). If your leads does not have country code provided, you can either edit a single lead for testing purposes or prepend all phone numbers with a country code from the list options tab on the list configuration page.
Configure list fields in myphoner
Make sure that the fields that hold phone numbers has the link type "Phone" in the list configuration.

Once these thing are done, you should see that phone numbers are now links when looking at a lead. That means that your list is now configured and ready for click-to-call and auto-dial.

Using a softphone with myphoner

myphoner support any voip softphone that is click-to-call compliant. Check out the brief screencast on how to set it up.

Screencast that explains how to use a voip softphone with myphoner.

Compliant softphones

myphoner will try to activate the voip softphone (dialer) installed on your computer when you click a phone number (via click-to-call), so you need one installed and ready to dial real phones.

You can find a list of click-to-call compliant dialers and providers on our Cold Calling Resources page.

Using an iPhone with myphoner

If you have an iPhone and are using Mac OS X - and you are logged in on your iCloud account on both devices - you can use Facetime audio to dial using the phone subscription on you iPhone.

Go to "My preferences" by clicking the user icon to the upper right and choose "Dialing" in the left hand side menu. From the Dialer drop-down, choose "Other/tel protocol".

Now Facetime should pick up the clicks on phone numbers in myphoner, and let you dial using your iPhone subscription, as well as transfer the call to your iPhone.

Dial using Facetime audio
Animation showing how dialing via Facetime audio looks.

Alternatively, for example if you are using Windows and have an iPhone, you can use PushToSmart which is a smartphone app and a desktop app that allow you to select a phone number in the browser and send it to your phone for dialing.

If you chose to use PushToSmart, we recommend that you set your dialer in myphoner to "None". That will make phone numbers easier to highlight/select using your mouse.

Using an Android phone with myphoner

You can make your android smartphone dial the number when you click it in myphoner from your computer - if you computer runs Windows. But it requires a third party app to do so. Here's how:

  1. Go to "My preferences" by clicking the user icon to the upper right and choose "Dialing" in the left hand side menu. From the Dialer drop-down, choose "Other/tel protocol".
  2. Buy and install Remote Phone Call on your Windows PC. Follow the installation instructions on their page.
  3. Et voilà! If everything works, your android app should now be dialing using your regular cellphone subscription when clicking on a phone number in myphoner!

Using Google Voice with myphoner

Google Voice users who are using either Google Chrome or Firefox for their browser can turn phone numbers in myphoner into click-to-call links. All it takes is installing a single browser extension/add-on!

To install the Google Voice click-to-call extension in your browser, click the applicable link below:

Please note:

  • If using Firefox, you'll need to restart your browser before the extension will take effect.
  • If using the Chrome extension, you'll need to enable the click-to-call functionality in the extension's settings. Look for the toggle titled "Turn phone numbers on websites into click to call links." Make sure to click "Save"!
  • The Google Voice plugin will only recognize certain phone number formats. If you're using a US or Canadian number, your best bet is probably to format the number "(XXX) XXX-XXXX". myphoner does not have any control over which numbers are recognized as dialable, unfortunately.
  • Make sure to have your Dialer set to "None" under My profile -> Dialing. The other possible dialer options format phone numbers as different kinds of links, and Google Voice's browser plugins often have trouble recognizing phone numbers when they're formatted specially in this way.