Features: Sales Reports

Outbound campaign management with elegant, yet powerful sales reports

Agent performance report in myphoner
Agent performance report.

Agent performance at a glance

The agent performance cards are designed to give you a complete overview of how your agents are performing, including:

  • Amount of time spend calling
  • Number of leads worked (actions)
  • Number of leads called
  • Conversion rates (net and total)
  • Connected calls vs. call attempts
  • Trends, compared to last period
  • Average call duration
  • Call results chart
  • Number of calls per lead
  • Number of won leads
  • Call stats
  • Graphs and time series to easily compare agents

With these sales performance reports, the sales activity tracking is right at your fingertips.

We hope that you'll not use the reports to find the sales rep with the poorest performance.

Instead, we'd like you to use them to find the best sales performer, understand what she does well and work with the team to improve all across the board.

List-style agent performance report in myphoner
List-style agent performance report.

Full screen current sales activity report

Two different call activity reports can be viewed full screen for display on the wall or similar.

  • Full screen display
  • Updates automatically
  • Optimized for display on a wall display
  • Trends, compared to last period

List activity report in myphoner
List activity report.

Campaign activity report made simple

The campaign activity report makes the outbound campaign management a lot easier by providing insights into each campaign's key activity metrics, including:

  • Number of won leads
  • Number of calls per lead on average
  • Progress
  • Number of leads called
  • Conversion rates (net and total)
  • Trends, compared to last period

Detailed report in myphoner
Detailed report.

All the details in one ultra flexible report

Missing a detail? Just choose your filter and generate a detailed report for viewing online or download it to a spreadsheet on your local computer. The detailed reports includes:

  • Group calls by date, campaign, agent and result of call
  • See average and summed call duration
  • Download to Excel
  • Expand to see individual leads for any grouping
  • Sort any grouping and see subtotals
  • See the number of calls in each group
  • Printer friendly

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