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The features and functionality of myphoner at a glance

Screenshot: Scheduling a lead in myphoner
Use our powerful scheduler to stay on track and persistently followup on leads.

Outbound Lead Tracking

Capture and track leads with myphoner.

Our outbound lead tracking features help you capture and organise new leads as well as do proper lead nurturing. Never again forget to follow-up on a prospect and always have the lead and its activity log at your fingertips. Here's our lead tracking features at a glance:

  • Capture Leads using your favourite Marketing Tools
    myphoner provides easy integration of more than 1,000 services and tools.
  • Organise your Leads
    We group leads into lists - a simple yet flexible way to keep your data organised.
  • Use segments to fine tune your workflow.
    Using our lead segmentation functionality, you can handle several marketing campaigns that each span multiple sources.
  • Let "The Queue" do that lead distribution thing.
    Once you have organised your incoming leads, myphoner’s queue will take care of the rest.
  • Following Up
    Use our scheduler and never again forget to follow up on a prospect.
  • Taking Winning Leads to the Next Step
    Once converted, you can pass won leads on to your corporate CRM, or elsewhere.

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myphoner is a must have for cold calling. It's one of the most simple and efficient tools I have ever worked with. The few times I had questions the customer service helped me out in minutes!

Viewing a lead in myphoner.

User-centric Design

At myphoner, our mission is to provide a superior workflow for sales agents and their teams, while keeping everything easy and simple.

One of our top priorities is to keep the design clean and easy to understand at all times.

We strive to provide an effortless learning curve to new users, while enabling experienced users to configure and tweak the experience to suit their needs.

Getting started is easy, and once you have uploaded that first list, you can be productive right away. Calling, emailing, updating, categorizing and scheduling leads is done from one view that’s simple and comprehensible. Your call log is also right there, easy to access and overview, in case you need to go back and add or amend anything.

A fast and easily accessed search function lets you find leads who call back or simply lets you navigate to a certain lead.

This was exactly what I was looking for. All of the other lead management tools are bloated with features. myphoner looks so much better and took about 5 minutes to learn and start using.

Personalised campaign dashboard in myphoner.

Flexible Sales Pipeline

How many steps is your ‘easy three-step sales process’?

How do you reach a sale? Do you simply book a meeting and return the bookings to your client? Do you book a webinar, then follow up with a trial, then do the minimal sale, then upsale? Every product has its own strategy, every campaign has its own twist and every sales rep has a preferred launch pad. How can your software support that?

In myphoner, everything is organised around lists that are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to navigate. But this doesn’t mean that once you put a lead in a list, it's stuck there.

The myphoner migration tool lets you move leads between lists, changing their status if you want to. You can easily move all the winners from one list and make them new leads in another, effectively dripping leads from one step of your sales funnel into the next.

It couldn't be simpler, and that's how we like it!

So simple and yet flexible. We love the way we can migrate leads between lists to build our own sales funnels.

Sending Email using a template
Sending Email using a template within myphoner.

Email Templates

Send pre-defined, personalized follow-up emails with just a few clicks.

Sending a good email immediately after a call is an excellent way to follow up. While the conversation is still fresh in your prospects’ minds, you can elaborate on the topics that most interested them and take your relationship to the next level.

With myphoner, you can select and send emails from the same place you save comments about each lead, choose the outcome of a call and select the next time for a follow up.

In this way, myphoner makes sending emails a natural part of your workflow, whether you’re cold calling or following up with prospects.

You can create as many templates as you like, and mix merge tags with fall-back values to easily generate personalized content when sending emails to leads.

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Pricing From

$11.67 10
per user per month

Get myphoner from just $11.67 €10 per user per month for everything. No hidden fees. No limits. Add or remove users at any time, and pay as you go.

Agent performance report in myphoner
Agent performance report.

Sales Reports

Outbound campaign management with elegant, yet powerful sales reports.

myphoner provides insights to agent performance, campaign activity and any details you might want with three types of reports:

  • Agent performance reports
  • Campaign activity reports
  • Detailed sales call reports

These reports enables you to analyse the performance of your team and identify bottlenecks at an instant.

Sales activity and performance reports are only available to the professional plan.

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Easy to use and simple but it still manages to offer an advanced toolkit for lead management.
No need for heavy and overpriced lead management software anymore :)

Detailed merge view screenshot
The detailed merge view lets you easily compare and merge two leads.


Calling someone twice with the same pitch is embarrassing (at best). With myphoner you avoid it.

Accumulating duplicate contact data is a common issue for salespeople and managers, especially as contact networks expand with time and more leads are added. With many leads and just a few agents, it can be a real hassle to weed out the duplicates before you’ve wasted your time and that of your customers. However, with myphoner, this need never be a problem again. myphoner detects possible duplicates, and gives you the option of eliminating them.

When viewing a possible duplicate, you'll see a warning and be given the option to dedupe. It's easy to merge duplicate leads and you'll soon be ready to make more valid sales calls.

If myphoner has highlighted a lead you wish to retain, you are under no obligation to delete or merge it. You can move on to your next lead without taking action.

myphoner also provide a report of all possible duplicates in your account, allowing you to review and deal with them in one sitting, facilitating data cleaning.

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Awesome dialer! I have been using it for the last couple of days and it has increased my productivity and focus. It is the perfect balance between simple and complex.

Create segment screenshot
Segments are easily created and maintained in myphoner.

Lead Segmentation

Segment your leads by any attributes.

In myphoner you can create segments in a snap. Segments work like a filter to a list, and behaves just like a list of leads to your agents.

Segments can be assigned to users independently of the underlying list assignments. This allows you to distribute lead segments across your team as you see fit.

Search for a lead in myphoner
Search for a lead.

Fast and Powerful Search

Looking for a specific lead? Just hit ‘S’ followed by anything you remember about that lead. Our blazing-fast search will start matching leads and displaying results as soon as you start typing. Click the lead or just use the arrows and hit ‘enter’ to go straight to the lead once found.

  • Includes activity log
  • Highlights search terms
  • Always available from the top bar
  • Quick access through hotkey ‘S’

This is definitely the best software for small and medium business' that wish to have an easy overview and influence in their campaigns.
The support is unbelievably good, we have experienced a better service than all the expensive solutions on the market.

Example notification emails from myphoner
Example notification emails.


myphoner lets you configure when you want to be notified. Notifications include:

  • Daily schedule – get an email with scheduled leads for the day, sent every morning.
  • Due notifications – get an email when a lead becomes due.
  • Overdue notifications – get an email when a lead has been due for a day.


Where do you want to take your leads today?

Worried about getting started with myphoner? With our PieSync connector you can import or even sync all your contacts from Your CRM or Contact manager in minutes.

What happens when you've got a winner? Do you want to send them a welcome email, trigger an onboarding process, send the lead data to shipping or invoicing, or something else?

With the myphoner app on Zapier, you can do all this!

Our Webhook Powered Hypermedia API can notify and transfer your leads to any system listed in the Zapier app directory, which, right now, counts more than 700 cloud-based applications, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Gmail, Highrise and Podio, just to name a few.

You can also bring in new leads to myphoner from a variety of sources, including Unbounce, Google Sheets, import.io and Podio,

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Pricing From

$11.67 10
per user per month

Get myphoner from just $11.67 €10 per user per month for everything. No hidden fees. No limits. Add or remove users at any time, and pay as you go.