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Import, Export and Integration of data

We support uploading of .xlsx files directly to myphoner. Please note that we only read the first sheet in the file, and that your data must be aligned nicely in columns and rows, where the first row defines the field/column names.

To upload a .xls file you must first convert it to .xlsx or .csv.

Please see Import a List

If you want to import a file of leads to an existing list, go to Manage Lists  and then choose Import  from the context menu next to the list you want to import into.

During import, you'll be given the option to update existing leads. If you do this, be careful to choose the right field used to match up leads. If an existing lead matches a new lead its stemdata will be updated with data from the new lead. State including category, schedule, claims and activity log will not be changed.

Most likely - we integrate with quite a few CRM systems (and many others as well) through Zapier.

Please see Configure Integrations

Calling, Dialers and VOIP (Voice Over IP) software

myphoner does not have a dialer on its own. When you click a phone number in myphoner, we try to activate the voip phone (dialer) installed on your computer. This way you are independent and can select the telephony provider and the voip software of your choice. However this also means that you need a softphone installed with a phone subscription ready to dial real phones.

Please check out our guide on the subject - there's even a small screencast that shows how it works: Configure and Use a Dialer

Read more about dialers and providers in our Cold Calling Resources

If you have an iPhone and are using Mac OS X - and you are logged in on your iCloud account on both devices - you can use Facetime audio to dial using the phone subscription on you iPhone.

Please check out our guide on the subject: Using an iPhone with myphoner

YES! You can make your android smartphone dial the number when you click it in myphoner from your computer - if you computer runs Windows. But it requires a third party app to do so.

Please check out our guide on the subject: Using an android phone with myphoner

Google Voice users who are using either Google Chrome or Firefox for their browser can turn phone numbers in myphoner into click-to-call links. All it takes is installing a single browser extension/add-on!

Please check out our guide on the subject: Using Google Voice with myphoner

You can set up auto dial from your user preferences. Go to "My preferences" by clicking the user icon to the upper right and choose "Dialing" in the left hand side menu. Then check "Autodial".

Enabling auto-dial will make myphoner activate the first phone link on the page as soon as you view a lead.

We support any voip dialer (software telephone) you can install on your computer and/or on your smartphone and tablet. The dialer must support dialing through clicking phone number links in a browser (click-to-call) if you want to be able to auto-dial. A dialer need to be configured with credentials from a service provider before it can call regular telephone numbers.

You can find a list of dialers and providers on our Cold Calling Resources page.

If you are having trouble making your software pickup the phone when you click the number in myphoner, first check if you are using one of the dialers we do not support:

  • If you use Office 365 and have Skype for businesses (former 'Lync') installed, we recommend using a dialer with a proprietary handle like Zoiper to deny office 365 from hijacking all links to phone numbers.

    Please see also check out our guide on the subject - there's even a small screencast that shows how it works: Configure and Use a Dialer

    Something might be wrong with the format of your phone numbers. Here's a checklist for well-formed phone numbers:

    • Make sure the number you are using to test have a country code (e.g. +1 for US). You can either edit a single lead or prepend all phone numbers with a country code from the list options tab on the list configuration page (Manage -> Lists -> your list -> List Options).
    • If you are using Skype on windows, try prepending your phone numbers with '//' (two dashes) - this can be done list-wide from the list options tab on the list configuration page.
    • If Skype (or your other VOIP software) still doesn't launch/activate when you click the phone number, try re-installing the software.
    • If your phone numbers starts with 0 (zero), you must store them as text in your spreadsheet (excel) when you prepare the list for upload. Excel will give you an error message, you know the little triangle with text hidden in it 'number stored as text'. You'll have to remove that remark before saving as csv for that to work.
    • If you still have problems, let us know which list is causing trouble and what voip client you use, and we'll have a closer look.

    Please see also check out our guide on the subject - there's even a small screencast that shows how it works: Configure and Use a Dialer

    Account and User Management

    You can change your subscription from your billing preferences. Go to "Billing" by clicking the user icon to the upper right and choose "Change Plan" in the sub menu.

    You can cancel your account from your billing preferences. Go to "Billing" by clicking the user icon to the upper right and choose "Cancel Account" in the sub menu.

    You can manage users from "Manage" -> "Users". Click on "Invite a user" to add more users to your account. If you want to remove a user, click on the small trash-can icon next to the user in the list.

    You can set your time zone from your user preferences. Go to "My preferences" by clicking the user icon to the upper right and change the time zone under the "Basic Information" menu item in the left hand side menu. Remember to hit "Save".

    Lead Management and Workflow

    Yes. When you look at a lead (list item), the system acquire a lock on that lead for you, so the lead is removed from the queue, and other users won't see it. When you perform an action on the lead (Call Back, Winner or Loser), the lock is released. If you do nothing, the lock will expire and the lead will be reinserted into the list after about an hour.

    Yes. In fact, leads are automatically claimed when you choose a time for callback and hit "Call Back" - We're simply assuming that since you want to call back at a specific time, it means that you spoke to someone, and in that case it should be you and not just anyone that calls back later.
    Additionally, you can always claim a lead when looking at it, for example while you are talking to the lead. Simply click 'Claim now' right above the comment field.

    If you do not want auto claim to happen, you should not choose a specific time for callback. callbacks that does not have a time on them just go to the end of the queue and are not claimed.

    You can of course configure how claiming works if you want to. Go to "Manage" -> "Settings" and find the "Claiming" settings on the page.

    Essentially, you can't - leads are supposed to be Archived if they are somehow invalid. That way you can keep track of invalid leads and discover if you import them again at a later stage (because archived leads are matched against during duplicate detection).

    However, if you REALLY want to, the only way you can bulk delete leads is if you can isolate them using a migration. Isolating means filtering by some field using conditions, or by filtering by state or category.

    If you can isolate the leads you want to delete, you can move them to a new list, and then delete that list. This approach will also let you look through the leads in that new leads and move some back one by one if they ended up there by mistake (if the filter was too broad).

    If you can't isolate the leads you want to delete, then you'll have to run through the list and archive the leads (optionally with a category) that you want deleted, and then you can isolate them and use the approach described above.

    Once a duplicate has been detected by the system, you'll be warned when looking at the lead, and presented with a few options. Here's a quick explanation of what happens if you choose to merge two duplicate leads.

    When merging, we call the two leads the "Keeping" and "Merging" leads. The "Keeping lead will remain with all it's data intact. The "Merging" lead will have it's activity log copied to the keeping lead, and any additional data will be copied as well, as long as the keeping lead does not have data in the corresponding field, and the keeping leads list has a field that corresponds to the merging leads list.

    After the merge, only the "Keeping" lead will remain, so if the "Merging" lead was on another list, it will be gone from that list.

    Go to Manage -> Lists, click the list you want to delete. Then from the list configuration page open the "Danger zone"-tab and click on delete.

    The 'Archive' action is thought to be a soft deletion, used when leads are invalid, e.g. the phone number doesn't work, the company does not exist anymore etc.

    You want to soft delete in order to measure the quality of the lead data (reports will show number of archived leads), as well as keep the leads for duplicate detection later, if they are imported again as part of another list.

    Do not use the 'Archive' action for Lost leads that you were able to reach. If you need to differ between different kinds of lost leads, you can add categories to the 'loser' state. That way you can differ between leads you never want to call again or those that you only regard lost for e.g. the next 6 months. Configure categories from your list configuration page. ("Manage" -> "Lists", then click on the list you want to edit and then click on the "List Options"-tab)

    General questions

    Only English at the moment. We plan to translate to other languages in the future, but there's no set timeline for it. Please do subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on this.

    Absolutely, myphoner runs in the cloud and works almost everywhere. Chinese users may see issues though.

    We charge in US Dollars by default, but we can also charge in Euros. Please contact our support if your want to switch to being charged in Euros.

    Absolutely, we encrypt everything, both your connection to the browser via ssl (https) and on the database server.

    Everything we do is hosted in the amazon cloud and run by trusted companies and all internal communications between subsystems is encrypted as well.

    Aditionally, we adhere to best practices when it comes to privacy and personal account security. We do not, for example, store passwords in clear text. See more in our privacy policy.

    We try to keep this list short and to the point. If you didn't find an answer to your question, please let us know. Your question is very important to us!