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Myphoner takes complex out of lead management and gives you a simple lead routing system that'll get you started in minutes and make your team efficient and happy.

Easy-to-use automated lead distribution

Stay close to the money with queue based lead routing and dynamic lead distribution.

What is lead routing?

Lead routing is the process of distributing incoming leads to sales agents. Some also call it lead distribution.

The approach to lead distribution differs from system to system, ranging from round-robin to complex routing rules based on multiple factors; the latter often referred to as lead scoring.

At Myphoner, many of our customers need to route leads to remote teams and teams that work different amounts of hours. To achieve the necessary flexibility, we have taken a slightly different approach to lead distribution. We call it dynamic lead distribution, and it has turned out to be a very reliable yet straightforward solution even for traditional teams.

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Necesitábamos un sistema que permitiera a un pequeño equipo de televentas trabajar en las mismas listas de datos simultáneamente y que cada uno pudiera reclamar una ventaja una vez que se llevan a cabo discusiones/negociaciones específicas. Myphoner hace esto muy bien. Prácticamente no se requiere capacitación para los usuarios: simple, intuitivo, hace exactamente lo que se necesita.
Colin Watson, Director
Knxia Limited
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Solución simple de seguimiento de clientes potenciales a través de un flujo de trabajo único de llamadas en frío.

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How does dynamic lead distribution work?

Lead distribution in Myphoner consists of multiple features playing together to provide the best available lead for agents at all times.

  • Multiple options for adding leads via integrations, import and manual input provides flexible lead sourcing.

  • Queue settings let managers tweak how incoming leads are prioritized compared to prospects that need follow-up.

  • The concept of claiming leads (both automatically based on rules and manually) let agents work on the same pool of leads simultaneously, without clashing.

  • The lead queue combines queue settings and claims to always provide the most relevant lead to the agent, dynamically and distraction-free.

Example of a lead queue in Myphoner

Example of a lead queue in Myphoner
Myphoner permite que nuestro equipo de desarrollo de negocios llegue a muchos prospectos en un corto período de tiempo. Ayuda al equipo a ser proactivo en el seguimiento de los prospectos. Hemos analizado muchos sistemas de llamadas en frío y este gana en casi todas las categorías. A nuestro equipo le encanta.

Tayler Ursu, Senior Product Manager & Founder


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