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The Relevance of Cold Calling in 2016

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In the age of email, text messaging and online communication, the telephone is often overlooked. Even now, personal rapport creates stronger client relationships, and a conversation can help prevent misunderstandings that cause a deal to fall through.

Despite these facts, sales personnel often fail to make unsolicited calls to prospects. In 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that companies were actively training their younger sales staff the basics of making a sales call.


Five Tips to Telemarketing Effectiveness

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Much of the allure of telemarketing generally lies in the ability to nurture prospects.

But the problem most B2B executives have with it is it involves using approaches that just secure a high number of conversions without the promise of a good increase in revenue.

Here are five major telemarketing tips for improving telemarketing effectiveness.


This month in myphoner: May 2016

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Deduplication! Deduplication! Deduplication!

We’ve been hard at work improving the deduplication functionality this month. The result is what we think is the best deduping tool available today!

First, let me admit that I’ve never really been satisfied with the way myphoner handles duplicates and data scrubbing, and I’ve been wanting to improve the deduping function for a long time.


Why Cold Calling is Alive and Well

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You’ve heard it too: cold calling is dead. But don’t you believe it! It’s just a catchy phrase used to attract attention.

Other than those who claim that cold calling is dead, most people referring to ‘cold calling’ these days use this term because it was always called that. But today’s cold calling is rather warmer than it was ten years ago.


This month in myphoner: April 2016

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This very first edition of our "this month in myphoner"-series covers many small but important improvements.

Read about favourite Lists, lead delegation, auto-claim and how to invite your client to view reports.

We also cover some newly added field types you can use for segmenting, why archiving lists instead of deleting them is recommended as well as how to use a fully customised VOIP handle and restrict access to your account from certain IP-addresses.


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