June has seen some extensive polishing of some of the core functionality in myphoner. We’ve been working on making already great features even better, as well as stabilizing the platform and streamlining incident handling.

We’re excited to note that myphoner is turning into a highly reliable, full-featured, scalable platform. This post tells you a bit about some of the most interesting things we’ve been working on lately.

Lead Delegation Action Button
Lead Delegation Action Button

Lead Delegation

Any team member can now delegate leads to their colleagues. Just hit the “Delegate” button below the comment field and choose who will receive the lead.

The lead will be marked as claimed by the receiving agent once you hit an action button. We recommend setting a follow-up time and using the “Call back” action when delegating, to make sure the receiving agent takes proper action on the lead.

Date select and options select when editing a Lead
New field types: Date select and options select when editing a Lead

New Field Types

We have introduced two new types you can apply to your lists fields: “Date” and “Options”.

When using the “Date” type, the content of the field will be parsed into a date, and a date picker will be provided for easier fill-in when editing the lead.

A field with the “Options” type will let you configure a fixed set of options, which agents can then choose between when editing the lead.

Segment based on date range and/or partial matches
Segment based on date range and/or partial matches

Improved Filter Conditions for Segments and Migrations

June also saw a few significant improvements to filter conditions for segments and migrations.

The new options are:

  • Date ranges
  • Partial matches (field contains the specified text)
  • Empty fields

Status Page

In June, we also introduced centralized incident handling and created a status page for displaying the status of myphoner, as well as the statuses of all of the sub-systems that myphoner is made up of and relies on.

This means that, from now on, status.myphoner.com should be your go-to place if you experience anything unusual. If you see components with degraded performance and/or an open incident, you can relax – it means we’re on the case!