Today saw myphoner’s official launch on PieSync.

Something I once thought a really tough technical problem has apparently been seamlessly solved by the team at PieSync – and today we’re proud to annouce myphoner’s availbility on the PieSync platform!

The PieSync platform seeks to connect all professional B2B services and offer seamless 2-way synchronisation between them – and at myphoner we’re sharing their infrastructure dream so professionals can boost productivity by combining the powers of their favourite cloud applications.

With the new PieSync connector, you can enjoy 2-way synchronisation with nearly 50 of the most popular contact management services and CRM systems, including Google Contacts, Office 365 Outlook, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

And yes, it is 2-way sync – or you can sync 1-way (just choose the source and destination) then change direction or switch to 2-way whenever you want.

Take a look at all the apps you can sync myphoner with:

And, if you want to automate a workflow instead of synchronising, don’t forget our Zapier integration still has more than 700 services and apps connected through trigger/action-style integrations.