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Daniel Vincent
Daniel VincentMay 12th, 2020

Over the last few months, we’ve been focusing on making Myphoner genuinely scalable, and we have made many improvements in terms of customer success (for example new training material for onboarding agents) as well as tweaks to improve user experience and technical performance.

We are excited about the future of Myphoner, and in this post, we want to update you on the new features being worked on for Q2 and beyond as well as explain the changes taking place to help facilitate the new features.

Planned Features

We’ve been thinking about what Myphoner should look like in the coming months and years. A few weeks ago, we reached out to our clients, asking them to submit feature requests as well as let us know which of these features are important to them and why. We launched a Feature Roadmap to help manage feature requests long term.

Our founder Jeppe spent many a night going through all the requests and submissions to understand what are the most important features and what direction Myphoner should take in the next quarter or two and beyond.

What you can expect in the next quarter, feature-wise

Robust Agent Time Tracking, provide the ability to better understand the time your agents spend working on leads, specifically the different phases such as research, in-call & post-call processing. The aim here is to provide greater insight into time spent by agents which will help you remove roadblocks and optimise their time and performance.

Improvements to the power dialer including automation of manual tasks through Intelligent Retry Strategies, archiving leads automatically when the number is unreachable and setting different callbacks times depending on the call disposition. Helping agents focus on the leads instead of admin.

We’ve seen a fantastic uptake in Myphoner Voice; however, we know that having the ability to receive calls and work with leads smartly is essential. We’ve thus prioritised Inbound Calls. You will be able to receive calls which we will link directly to leads in your lists and track all of the interactions directly in Myphoner. With Voicemail Drops, you can send a pre-recorded message when a call is not answered and move on to the next lead.

This leads us to follow up with leads via sending text message’s (SMS); this feature will allow agents to send messages to leads within Myphoner. Just like emails, SMS content will be saved under the activity tab for leads.

We’ve got a whole host of updates planned, check out our planned feature roadmap to see them all, including changes to email syncs that many of our agency type clients have been asking for!

Check out our planned features for Q2 and feel free to add your thoughts or even submit an idea.

Looking into the future past Q2, we are currently exploring features such as improved calendar integrations; live call monitoring; direct integrations with CRMs such as Pipedrive and Hubspot; email drip campaigns and much more. It cannot be stressed enough how valuable your input is to this work - we rely on you to help us understand where to take Myphoner.

View ideas under consideration and make sure you provide your feedback for us.

New Plans & Pricing

These new features, of course, have a roll-on effect in terms of our plans and pricing and we’ve realised that our current plans are a bit out of date and don’t reflect the real value Myphoner offers in terms of specific business use cases. By changing our plans to provide specific features, our varied client base needs, we believe we can offer a better value proposition.

Naturally, as we are adding some fantastic new features to Myphoner, we need to ensure that we straddle the line between value and cost-effectiveness as well.

If you’re a current client, you don’t need to worry we will be grandfathering (& mothering) you into the new plans. If you’ve been on the fence, we’d recommend setting up an account today and save in the long runif you can make due with what is in our offering today.

Stay tuned for more details on the new plans and their pricing. We expect to be announcing all the details late June.

One of the first changes we are implementing is the way we charge for users.

Users Versus Seats

Since the beginning of Myphoner, we’ve always had a system in place where you add users, and once they accept the invite, we then charge you, essentially charging you per user. This created a lot of additional invoices and paperwork for our clients and their accountants! We looked at multiple options, and the fairest and most user-friendly solution is to move to charge for seats.

How seats work

Going live today, you will be able to purchase as many seats as you want in one go, then you’ll create the users, and the invites are sent out.

This means more streamlined accounting by receiving one email instead of many, the moment you add more seats, we will charge you. You, as the account owner, can allow your team leaders to add users while still staying in control of how many seats are in the account. Lastly, you can easily remove users and add new ones without having to deal with getting credits and more invoices.

Get help on how to add & remove seats.

Fair billing

We very much believe in our fair billing policy, and it is still in effect, the only change will be that if you want to reduce the number of seats you will need to reduce the users first. We will then credit you for the days not used for the seat.

Request a Demo

Do you want to know more? I'd be delighted to help you explore how Myphoner may help your business recover and grow. Book me for a product demo (or even just a quick chat) today!

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