Features: Lead Tracking

Do proper lead nurturing. Never forget to follow-up. Always know what happened.

Lead queue in myphoner
Lead queue in myphoner.

Intelligent Queueing

If leads queue up nicely, how hard can they be to manage?

To be productive, you, as an agent, need to be confident that you never miss a lead. Leads should be presented so that you can put your energy into the sales pitch rather than worrying about whether there was a better lead to call.

The myphoner queueing system inspires that confidence – it selects the best lead for you to call next. No need to go fishing for leads ever again.

myphoner also ensures that all leads are called in the order in which they were added to the system. Any leads identified for follow-up are shot to the top of the queue at the scheduled time. The system also ensures that you can’t pick leads claimed by (or currently being called by) other agents, so that multiple agents can work on the same list without the risk of clashing.

Scheduling a call back in myphoner
Scheduling a call back.

Flexible Scheduling

Never again forget to follow up on a prospect. myphoner lets you schedule leads for follow-up – just select your chosen timeframe.

myphoner also lets you decide whether the follow-up should be on a particular day at a specific time, or just after a certain amount of time.

So if the prospect tells you, “Yes, let’s catch up at 2 o’clock after lunch,” you simply set the follow-up for exactly at 2 pm. We call this a scheduled lead.

But if the prospect asks, “Can you get back to me some time next month?” you set the follow-up to happen after 1 month. We call this a postponed lead.

myphoner queues the follow-ups according to the types of leads, with scheduled leads taking precedence over postponed leads. You’ll be notified of scheduled leads, whereas postponed leads will just move to the top of your queue when their time is up.

The scheduling feature is amazing! can't tell you the amount of times I forgot to call back numbers just using an excel sheet

Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen, Founder
Click Metrics

Example notification emails from myphoner
Example notification emails.


myphoner lets you configure when you want to be notified. Notifications include:

  • Daily schedule – get an email with scheduled leads for the day, sent every morning.
  • Due notifications – get an email when a lead becomes due.
  • Overdue notifications – get an email when a lead has been due for a day.

Search for a lead in myphoner
Search for a lead.

Fast and Powerful Search

Looking for a specific lead? Just hit ‘S’ followed by anything you remember about that lead. Our blazing-fast search will start matching leads and displaying results as soon as you start typing. Click the lead or just use the arrows and hit ‘enter’ to go straight to the lead once found.

  • Includes activity log
  • Highlights search terms
  • Always available from the top bar
  • Quick access through hotkey ‘S’

This is definitely the best software for small and medium business' that wish to have an easy overview and influence in their campaigns.

The support is unbelievably good, we have experienced a better service than all the expensive solutions on the market.

Nicolai Hansen
Nicolai Hansen, Founder
CTell Marketing S.L.

Detailed report in myphoner
Detailed report.

Advanced Sales Reports

With our powerful reports, you can easily track activity and calls at all times. You can scope the report by several parameters, including agent, call result and timeframe. This makes it easy to, for example, investigate what happened with all the calls Tom made today that resulted in a lost lead.

  • Group calls by date, campaign, agent and result of call
  • See average and summed call duration
  • Download to Excel
  • Expand to see individual leads for any grouping
  • Sort any grouping and see subtotals
  • See the number of calls in each group
  • Printer friendly

One Easy Price

per user per month

We charge just $12 per user per month for everything. No hidden fees. No limits. Add or remove users at any time, and pay as you go.