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Connect myphoner with other tools and discover the power of specialized web applications. It's easier than you might think!



2-Way Contact Sync between Apps.
PieSync keeps your contacts in sync between your favorite cloud apps, 2-way and in real time. Just set it and forget it. It takes only 5 minutes to setup your first sync.



The easy way to connect myphoner to hundreds of other web applications. Zapier is a point-and-click interface for automating workflows, driven by triggers and actions that you decide how to combine.



Create your own integration using our advanced API. Our API is a restful json API that features notification webhooks for instant handling of events in myphoner and gives you full control to manipulate your leads based on events in other systems.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts Via PieSync or Zapier

Google Contacts is your online address book, integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products.

Sync your contacts with a list in myphoner to have them readily available in your G Suite (Google Apps) and for example identify incoming calls on your android phone.


Podio Via PieSync or Zapier

Podio is a great and extremely flexible collaboration tool for keeping track of your supply chain or CRM.

It is an ideal place to bring your myphoner leads, once they are qualified. Or to collect data and bring them into myphoner as new leads.


Highrise Via PieSync or Zapier

Highrise is a lightweight CRM system that works extremely well for tracking conversation and deals in the longer run, once your leads are qualified and turned into customers for the first time.

Sync your Highrise contacts with myphoner or automate the transfer of winning leads form myphoner into Highrise as new contacts.


MailChimp Via PieSync or Zapier

You always ask leads if you may subscribe them to your newsletter - or do you? Automate subscribing winning leads to your MailChimp mailling list or simply sync your mailing lists with myphoner.


Unbounce Via Zapier

Use this integration to automatically add new Unbounce submissions to your call queue in myphoner, so you can call the leads while they are fresh in mind about your product or service.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Via Zapier

Automatically create an event in Google Calendar on the follow-up time you set on certain events in myphoner, for example when you have a new winner.


Gmail Via Zapier

Automatically send email via your Gmail account on certain events in myphoner, for example when marking for follow-up in a certain category.

The email can have attachments, bcc recipients and you can mix in the lead data to personalize the email.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets Via Zapier

A Google Form or Spreadsheet can be an easy way to collect data. It's supported by many tools for data extraction and collection. Connect myphoner to get the data you collect added as new leads.


import.io Via Zapier

import.io helps you instantly turn web pages into data. Through their Google Sheets integration, you can automate moving this data into myphoner as new leads.

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